USN Vegan Protein

Aside from providing protein supplementation, this powder supplement also helps to improve your immunity. Key features

  • Made using 100% plant products
  • Sugar free
  • Improves immunity
  • Has no artificial colours or flavours

The USN 100% Pure Vegan Plant Protein comes as pure as can get. For starters, it has no form of animal protein, an indication that its entire formula is dependent on plant-based products alone.

For this reason, it becomes incredibly convenient for persons who do not fancy consuming animal products at all. Additionally, it lacks such additives as food colour, artificial flavours and even sugar, ensuring that even your overall health gets quite the boost.

The formula of this protein supplement is also made to improve your immunity which goes a long way in ensuring you do not suffer major health problems.

This 900g package comes with a total of 40 servings, and with each serving, you get a total of up to 23 grams of pure animal based protein. Since the USN 100% Pure Vegan Plant supplement comes as a powder, it is quite easy to take along with any fluid of your choice.

It helps a good deal that it does not have any flavour, making it easy to incorporate into your smoothies, yoghurt, tea, water, coffee and even broths.


  • Ideal for vegans
  • Does not contain artificial additives
  • Improves your immunity
  • No colours or additives


  • Slightly pricy


This product makes an ideal supplement for both vegans and none vegans, and we especially like that it works to improve even your immunity. Additionally, its lack of a strong flavour allows you to consume it along with any fluid of your liking with ease.

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