The Benefits of Iron Supplements

Your diet is not just made of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins! There are a lot of important minerals and vitamins that are playing an important role in your body, thus it is essential you monitor their intake too. According to the World Health Organizations (WHO), iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder, with affecting more than 80 percent of the people worldwide. With women more prone to iron deficiency than men, iron supplements have become very common among them.

Here are the other ways that iron supplements can benefit you (other than getting your iron levels back to normal).

1.    Treats Anaemia

Anemia is the deficiency of hemoglobin. There are many kinds of anemia, but one of them is iron deficiency anemia. The hemoglobin found in the red blood cells is mainly composed of iron, and its deficiency can cause lack of hemoglobin formation and ultimately death of the red cells. However, taking iron supplements can cure the iron deficiency anemia.

2.    Improves your mind

According to a study conducted on children between 6 and 18 years, taking oral iron supplements improved the memory of the participants who were deficient in iron. Another study suggests that it can help teenagers, specifically girls, to improve their concentration span.

3.    Eliminates fatigue

Iron deficiency is associated with chronic fatigue. This is because our red blood cells contain iron, which is essential for carrying oxygen to our tissues. Consequently, in iron deficiency, our tissues receive inadequate oxygen, thus we go in a state of chronic fatigue. Intake of iron supplements can help in avoiding this.

4.    Improves stamina

Research shows that athletes, particularly women, are at a high risk of iron deficiency. Iron supplements can help them get their iron levels up, and help in building more stamina. This is because your muscles need a high amount of oxygen while exercising, which is carried by the iron molecules in the red blood cells.

Increased ability to exercise can also help one’s cardiovascular health, as studies prove that 20 percent of people who have suffered a heart failure are deficient in iron, which affects their ability to exercise.

5.    Strengthens your immune system

While your white blood cells are essential for attacking germs and foreign particles, they also cause tissue damage. For the growth and repair of damaged tissue, or formation of new tissue, it is important for the cells to receive a heavy supply of oxygen. This will only be possible if you have sufficient iron in your red blood cells to act as the oxygen carriers.

6.    Improves hair, nail and skin health

Iron deficiency can cause pale skin and nails, or their discoloration. It can also be the reason behind brittle nails, hair, and can take away the natural shine from your hair. A low iron level can also cause unexplained bruising on the skin. Taking iron supplements can avoid that. According to the European Journal of Dermatology, the rate of hair fall is directly proportional to low levels of iron, thus iron supplements can prevent hair fall by giving your hair the nutrients it needs.

7.    It is essential for pregnant women

The daily iron intake recommended for pregnant women is 27 mg. Mostly, they are prescribed iron supplements to prevent anemia during and after their pregnancy and help in the growth of the fetus. Research shows that iron deficiency is associated with low birth weight among neonates.

The symptoms of iron deficiency are fatigue, pallor of cheeks, and yellowing of palmar creases. If you fear you suffer from it, it can easily be tested by a blood test. It is important to consult a doctor before starting any supplements.

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