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Three Benefits of Protein Powder Supplementations

While bodybuilding is intensely dependent on exercise, hard work, stamina, a proper diet is equally- if not more- crucial to building muscle mass. The most important nutrient in the diet of any bodybuilder is protein. However, to get the desired result, it is essential that you be disciplined, dedicated, and regular in following a high-protein diet and an exercise regimen. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to maintain a high-protein intake; with the help of protein powder supplements through shake, this task has become easier than ever.

However, if you are still losing your will to continue a proper diet plan, we have this article to encourage you to get back on track to take enough protein and get those biceps showing. Here is how protein powder supplements affect your body:-

1.    They Literally Make Muscle

Proteins form the building blocks of the body. The basic unit of a protein is an amino acid, which joins with other amino acids to form different structures of proteins. Everything in your body is made of these amino acids.

Protein is an essential component of the cell membrane in a cell. Specialized cells build tissues, which build muscles. However, it is important to see which protein works best for bodybuilding; for example, animal-based sources are much more useful and effective when it comes to bodybuilding. It is also essential to choose protein foods that are high in leucine content.

But not only that, the enzymes required to digest food, hormones required to regulate bodily functions and build muscle mass, are all protein!

Proteins also play important role in maintaining the body tissue osmolality. This means that they control the inflow and outflow of ions from the cells and tissues, thus affecting their size. However, in order to achieve a well-toned body, having an adequate protein supply is essential.

2.    Improves the Nutritional State of the Body

The good thing about protein is that not only is it incredibly healthy, it is also easily available to eat. Protein sources like vegetables, lentils, eggs, and meat can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in snacks!

While healthy, protein is also high in calories; this keeps you up to your daily calorie intake requirement. Not only that, it also stimulates the secretion of enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract that prevents the gastric emptying. This means that it takes a relatively long time to leave the stomach, as compared to carbohydrates. This increases its satiety factor, thus a person on protein diet feels less hungry, as they have a full stomach most of the time.

Also, when you fill up your plate with protein content, you are less likely to fill up on fats and carbohydrates, thus you save yourself from unhealthy calories.

3.    Protein Helps in Weight Loss

There are numerous ways in which taking protein supplements could be linked to a long-term weight loss.  Firstly, it prevents overeating. Studies prove that people who have a high protein breakfast consume fewer calories throughout the day than those who do not. Another study suggests that those weight watchers who consume a high amount of protein are less likely to give in to their cravings and binge eat.

Not only this, protein supplements decrease the production of ghrelin; hunger-inducing hormone, and increases the production of CCK (cholicystokinase).  This hormone is associated with hunger suppression. Thus, a person incorporating protein supplements in their diets are less likely to get hungry and consume lesser calories.

Thirdly, they also leave the stomach after longer time durations, thus, they have a high satiety factor. Protein powder supplements also speed up the growth and repair of muscles, thus improves one’s stamina to exercise, which also helps in losing weight.