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PHD Diet WHEY Protein Powder Review

PHD Diet WHEY protein powderis a highly nutritious protein supplement for use by both the ladies and gents; the brand has been keen to cover all the loopholes by providing a variety of low-calorie range of Diet Whey powders and snacks all of which have been designed to afford you the leaner look. Proteins in our bodies play a major role as they are the building blocks for healthy and supple-looking skin; they enhance our bones, cartilage, and muscles among other things.

If we are to get calories from foodstuffs that would mean that we consume a lot of poultry, lean meat, fish, eggs, legumes, cheese, milk, and yogurt among other foods, and while the above is possible maintaining a strict diet is at times a task that many of us find hard to fulfill mainly because of our busy day schedule, and that is why there are supplements that can provide your body with the needed nutrients in large doses.

The PHD Diet Whey is among the best protein powder supplement that is easy to store mix (soluble) and store, it is available in varying flavors and forms. The latter is the best part because whether you are looking to boost your energy levels, enhance your food intake or maybe you are just looking for a snack to keep you going, then PHD Diet WHEY has got you covered. The brands Diet WHEY products are low in calories, so whether you take the shake or the snack bar they will both help you attain a leaner body.


PHD Diet WHEY Protein Powder Review

PHD is a product of two determined gym-goers with a vision to change and influence the sports nutrition world across the globe. The launch of PHD into the markets was borne out of passion to bring tangible change; the supplement does not promise instant results but with constant use and the relevant discipline in diet and training, then keeping fit and staying healthy becomes a lifestyle.

So while PHD might seem like any other protein supplement in the convenience stores and online shops, it does have much to offer, and once you start using it you will realize that indeed it is a journey in which you learn and perform smartly. The PHD supplement has a great taste thus consuming it is not a hurdle, its nutritional benefits are far-reaching and the reason why you are going to want it in your kitchen cupboard for the rest of your lifetime.

Since its inception back in 2006, PHD has been appreciated by the serious gym-goers around the world and is now sold to over 45 countries. And the reason why it is continuously gaining relevance is that its founding principles have never changed, the supplement remains as effective with the brand increasing its scope to cover other niche markets but still with the same passion of creating a healthy nation.

The Diet Whey protein powder range of products is massive and we promise you will get confused, worry not though because we are going to help you settle with the perfect supplement. Gone are the days where you have to burst your brain cells restraining yourself from picking a sweet chocolate bar that has zero nutritional benefits because PHD has provided you with a healthy alternative.

The Diet Whey bars will provide your body with up to 178mg of calcium per bar, they are high in fiber and contain less than 200 calories per bar. What’s more, is that they contain the added L-Carnitine which helps in fat loss. Another interesting product from PHD is the Diet WHEY lean double chocolate, perfect for sustainable weight loss; the supplement is low in G. I carbs and has been equipped with a complete blend of vitamins and minerals.

The Diet WHEY lean was prepared for the busy individuals who want to keep fit no matter how busy they are, if you, therefore, don’t have enough time to sit down and consume some quality solid meal then this supplement is the perfect choice as it is relatively thick and with good flavor. We then have the 12 pack Diet Cookie that you must store away from the kid’s reach.

The above supplement is a healthy substitute for the hotdogs that you eat during your work breaks, only that you need to be careful not to exceed the daily intake. Diet Cookie, provides your body with up to 22g of high-quality protein, contains, green tea extract, L-carnitine, and CLA. Lastly, we have the PHD Diet WHEY high protein lean muscle shake, that apart from being GMO-free and the perfect option for breakfast, you can take it in between meals as the day gets older.

The Diet WHEY birthday cake flavor has been formulated for individuals struggling with hunger cravings, as it ensures that you stay satisfied in between meals.

Taste and Flavor

When it comes to taste and flavor then your taste buds better be alive and kicking because Diet Whey has over 20 flavors all you have to do is choose one or two, four if you like; there is no harm in alternating for as long as you are getting the nutritional benefits and gaining a leaner muscle. Among the supplements produced by PHD, there are a few that are completely natural a good example being the PHD Natural WHEY 500g chocolate, that is naturally flavored and sweetened and a good post work out supplement that will pack your body with proteins and can be taken in between meals just to boost the levels of proteins in your body.

So unlike the other sweet-tasting supplements, the Natural WHEY 500g chocolate, does not really tickle the taste buds, as a few of the consumers are registering a rather bland or bitter taste with a few that actually like it, well it all boils down to personal preference. The above notwithstanding, you can always change direction and go after the other tasty flavors such as the Chocolate Orange, the white chocolate and raspberry, the strawberry, and the roasted caramel among others.



A high Protein Lean Matrix perfect for body sculpting, contains the green tea extract and is low in fat, sugar and salt. 80 servings in a 2kg pack

Nutritional Benefit

The PHD Diet WHEY protein supplement in powder form will help you manage your weight goals, one because it is low in sugar, and packs only 91 calories. The supplement can be used by the flexible vegetarian; if we are to further dissect the nutritional benefits of the powder Diet WHEY supplement, you will find that it contains up to 6g carbs, in one serving, and no more than 200 calories.

Because of the above, it is macro-friendly, thus adoptable to different nutritional plans, if you are, therefore, in the keto diet then the WHEY supplement will suffice, if you are carb cycling then the PHD Diet WHEY remains the better option that offers low calories.


Given the many flavors of the PHD Diet WHEY protein powder , we wouldn’t encourage you rushing to purchase the biggest of cans only to get defeated by the taste at the very first encounter. Important to note is that the PHD Diet WHEY retails at a budget-friendly price on the company’s website when compared to ordering direct from Amazon.

On Amazon, you will, therefore, find the Ikg pouch retailing at £17. 99, now a similar size Diet WHEY protein of the birthday cake flavor retails at a much lower price of £8.99 from the initial £14.99 thus gives you a chance to save up to 40%.

Now depending on the form of the Diet WHEY supplement that you want, they all come with varying prices, for example, the Diet WHEY bar goes for £20.99, and a single 65g bar costing £2.50. The varying prices and flavors allow you to try out the different flavors and tastes without feeling the pinch of wasting money.

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If you are just learning about the PHD Diet WHEY supplements you are on time because the brand is timeless and keeps innovating its products to keep up with the changing sports and fitness landscapes. All categories of people have been provided for in the PHD Diet WHEY brand of supplements, from those who suffer from the hunger cravings to those who love snacking, and for the above groups, their only cause of concern should be not to exceed the recommended daily intake.