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Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder Review

Ever gotten up early in the morning determined to run and cover about 1.5 kilometers and ended up not finishing even one, well that is quite disappointing, to say the least, because overall you won’t be motivated to get up the next morning. But that shouldn’t be the case; the sheer lack of energy when you need it the most can be rectified, both naturally by improving our diets and by taking the dietary supplements.

There are many reasons why people, strive to build muscle and the first most important reason is to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, thus improve overall life quality. People also build muscles, to increase their bone density and manage their weight. So whichever your mission we have the perfect product for you, “the Gold Standard Whey.”

If we are to look at the concept of muscle building beyond the supplements then you will be amazed by what goes into building thicker muscles. For example, have you ever heard of muscle hypertrophy, a process that occurs when the fibers of the muscles are injured; well the body will fuse the damaged fibers together during repair and in the process, increase the muscle sizes.

Apart from the above, you will find that some of the muscle-building supplements have incorporated ingredients necessary for muscle growth, the common one’s being Whey protein, Beta-Alanine, and the Branched Chain Amino Acids.


The Gold Standard Whey protein powder is a prominent sports nutrition brand with a solid 30 years in the industry, since its inception back in 1986 the brand strives to continually innovate its products consequently defining the modern sports nutrition industry. And as it clocked its thirtieth-year enthusiasts were treated to the new Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, the above we must say is the best selling product from the brand and comes in the cake flavor.

The Gold Standard Whey protein powder is sold worldwide and has been accepted mainly by the male gender who are out to gain more body mass and weight. The supplements normally contain high amounts of calories, proteins, and carbs which when introduced into the body are the best for meal replacement and work well for individuals with a quick metabolism.

The supplement is, therefore, suitable for men who are out to build muscles, with each serving of the supplement offering up to 24grams of high-quality whey protein, used for whey protein isolate, what’s more, is that the supplement is instantized to enable easy mixing.

Taste and Flavor

Taste and flavor, some people don’t really appreciate their taste buds being tickled and others will not eat anything that tastes like cardboard or is flat. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey has up to 20 varying flavors, including some that are naturally flavored. The Gold Standard 100% Whey supplement is a double rich chocolate flavor supplement that will leave furnish your mouth with the tantalizing taste of chocolate.

And even though it might not offer the exact chocolate milk taste it can definitely double up as a dessert given that it is a post work out supplement. And when it comes to using the supplement, it sure does dissolves quickly and in a few moments of mixing, it is ready for consumption. Choosing one flavor among the 20 Gold Standard Whey flavors can be a challenge we have therefore selected two for you.

The first one being the Caramel Toffee Fudge, which leaves a good taste on the mouth, and is neither too sweet nor too bitter. Others that you will find interesting are such as the extreme milk chocolate, the strawberry banana, and the chocolate malt. The second flavor that many people might not agree with is the cookies and cream flavor, which we have noted that many users think it is not so great.

Well from the above settling with one flavor with the Gold Standard Whey is almost impossible, but whichever you choose to use, you can be sure that it will have zero negative effects on your health.


Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

High Quality protein supplement for better work out sessions, with the best results, and the perfect protein supplement for athletes of different levels; 2.4 kg offers 68 servings.

Whey Protein Isolate

The Whey protein isolate constitutes the major ingredients incorporated in this supplement and as facts state; it is an essential component as it helps increase strength and muscle while reducing body fat. In other studies, Whey is not just a protein because it further contributes to other biological benefits to the body.

Whey Protein concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is a bodybuilding supplement necessary for increasing the dietary protein intake, its main purpose is to maximize muscle hypertrophy. Another feature of the Whey concentrate that you might find interesting is the fact that it is relatively low in fats and carbohydrates.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein isolate

The above is a concentration in which a few of the amino bonds have been broken through the exposure of the proteins to acids, enzymes, or heat. The above pre-digestion then makes the hydrolyzed proteins to be quickly absorbed in the gut when compared to the whey isolates and concentrates.

And its purpose in the body is to get rid of all the unwanted fats, carbs, and lactose, important to note, however, is that the hydrolyzed, removes all the lactose and fats which could be important for people who are hypersensitive. The above notwithstanding Whey protein is necessary and will help you build lean muscles.


The price of most supplements is way higher than the price of natural foodstuff, and with the biting economy, we are pretty sure a good number of the supplement users would prefer to revert to eating more nutritious and diet-conscious meals. Another rather confusing fact about supplements is that you have to stay committed for a while before you start seeing actual results.

Most supplements are, therefore, packaged to be used for one month or less, meaning that before the end of the month you might have to get another dose of the highly-priced protein supplements. But then again if we say that we will observe a strict diet and be keen on eating the muscle building and energy-giving foods, we would be deceiving ourselves.

So, while you might opt to derive the relevant nutrients from foodstuffs there is never enough quantity in a serving that will suffice. Therefore, if a supplement delivers and it is not overpriced then why not invest in it.

The Gold standard Whey, for example, has a nice taste, which is neither too sweet nor too bitter; it dissolves easily and is quite efficient when it comes to mass addition. And to top it all off, the pricing is just right especially if you consider the yield, which is the percentage of protein per serving. For this supplement, therefore, you get 75% total mass in protein and only 25% that is not protein.

You will, therefore, find the Gold Standard whey in the 907g container, retailing at £36.44, we then have the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein shake in form of sachet’s packed in a dozen but which is region-specific and therefore retails at $22.49.

The Gold Standard Whey, therefore, offers value for money more especially because the percentage of filler is quite low constituting artificial flavor, lecithin, cocoa, and acesulfame potassium.

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Athletes and other individuals engaging in the muscle intensive exercises can greatly benefit from the Gold Standard range of optimum nutrition supplements. The company has managed to maintain high production standards to enable athletes to unlock their full potential. Gold Standard Whey, therefore, delivers about 24g of the whey protein to encourage muscle growth.

The protein powder supplement we must say is unique especially if we look at yield and the filler percentage, and you will also find the Whey supplement in different forms, such as the hydrolyzed whey peptide, the ion-exchange whey protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate, and the cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate.

The protein powder supplement retails rather cheaply on Amazon but you might have to pay a little extra if you get it from the company, there are so very few disadvantages concerning the Gold standard Whey mostly on pricing but otherwise, you can use it comfortably without worrying about side effects because it has none.