Snickers Protein Bar review- The best protein bar

Before you settle for the protein word under the big snicker label plastered over the Mars chocolate bar, the first thing that runs in people’s minds is that it is a snack for the kids. Well, the above is true and one of the reasons why you should be careful about picking snacks for your kids. Fruits, low-fat dairy, lean protein foods, and vegetables are a healthy option for kids when compared to protein bars.

The above might come as a surprise but it is the absolute truth, kids don’t need extra protein from the protein bars, and besides what would you prefer for your kid, a well-balanced meal, or a snack bar. The former is the most logical choice that we believe you will settle with; when used by adult’s protein bars offer the perfect balance of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates.

And the reason why they are recommended as a post-workout recovery boost; important to note, therefore, is that not all protein bars are made equal, some protein bars are, therefore, high in sugar and others use sugar alcohols. We however don’t deny that a good number of them are highly nutritious. So, with the above in mind children don’t really need to be given the protein bars even though they might seem like a healthy less messy shortcut to providing an actual apple.


Snickers Protein Bar Review

Snickers is a product of the famous Mars company, and most of us know it is a sweet chocolate bar, made with loads of sweetness but which is distinctly different from the snicker protein bar. The common snicker bar that was named after the favorite horse of the Mars family is characteristic of peanuts, nougat, and caramel with a complete chocolate coating.

Over the years Mars had to branch out into other niche markets, to remain relevant thanks to the highly saturated market and the constant introduction of new chocolate bars that gave the sweet sneaker chocolate bar a run for their money. Mar’s therefore, introduced a line of the healthy version sneakers, that targeted the gym-goers and other individuals who engaged in the muscle intensive exercises.

The new line of chocolate bars, were characteristic of more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories, what’s more, is that the protein bars, were believed to pack up to 19grams of proteins, the snickers protein bar specifically, contains about 199 calories, which is about 51 less than what the original sweet sneaker bar contained.

The original sneaker bar also contained about 27 grams of sugar while the new protein bar had significantly reduced on the sugar, containing only 9grams. And when it comes to the protein content, you will find about 18grams of protein, while the original had only 4 grams.

Taste and Flavor

The fact that snickers under its umbrella has given its fans a healthy option; their sales have definitely skyrocketed, and even better is that the new snicker protein bar, tastes and looks like the original snicker chocolate bar. What’s more is the fact that it revolves around the original snicker bar in look, taste, and smell thus effectively convinces the mind and you can easily take it without feeling too guilty about staying healthy.

Most people complain of their snack bars tasting like cardboard, and others sawdust, well none of the above describes the snicker protein bar because the incorporation of the caramel and peanut improves its feel on the mouth but the protein powder tends to overpower the all the other components leading to it exuding some form of dryness.

We must, however, note that the distinct taste of the protein bars is thanks to the ingredients that have been incorporated during their production. The weird taste could be coming from the included protein source, which in most cases is the WHEY protein concentrate and isolate. The above notwithstanding, there are protein bars on the shelves that taste good and tend to have an indulgent texture.


Snickers Protein Bars

High quality protein bar with caramel, peanuts and coated in milk chocolate, contains 140% more protein per 100g


The snicker protein bar is recommended as a pre-workout regimen, and is the perfect alternative for individuals with the sweet tooth; also if you are looking for something that will replace the bland taste brought about by observing a strict diet then the snicker protein bar will suffice. Even better is that it helps get rid of cravings caused by the minimal intake of sugar and wheat.

The snicker protein bar is low on fat and sugar and quite high in proteins and if you search far and wide you will realize that it also has fewer calories at least when compared to other protein bars. There has, however, existed some controversy on the effectiveness of the snicker protein bar with many sources claiming that it is of lower quality, same as the ingredients used.

The facts concerning the above are that the snickers protein bar uses a protein blend that has been derived from hydrolyzed collagen, cartilage, and grounded animal bone, with little soy protein or amino acids. As regards the above you will find that most protein bars use WHEY, which has been established, to contain the essential amino acids, necessary for muscle building.

For enthusiasts who prefer to use the protein bars, as a diet supplement then as a rule of thumb, the calories need to be about 220, and for the sugar content, it should start from 10grams going down. On the other hand, if you are going to comb the shelves looking for a bar that will substitute your meals then ensure that it is about 300 or 400 calories.

Overall, therefore, the Snickers protein bar stacks up well, because for one it is an actual snicker bar from the legendary Mars company, it contains up to 18g of high-quality protein and the taste is immaculate.


So apart from the snickers protein bar, Mars also runs the snickers hi protein chocolate, caramel, and peanut flavor WHEY, a protein shake powder that has been conveniently packed in an 875g pouch, and will provide you with up to 25 servings, at 21 grams of proteins per serving. The above supplement was especially formulated for the vegetarians and retails at £19.99.

The Snickers protein bar, on the other hand, retails in Amazon and omes packed in one case that contains about 18pieces of the protein bars, each of which is 47g and retails from £35.98. And just like the Snicker Hi protein 875g pouch, we also have the Snickers Hi protein bar that has incorporated up to 20grams protein.

And just like the others from Mars, it is characteristic of peanuts, real milk chocolate, and caramel, you will, therefore, find them retailing on Amazon in a Snickers case, that contains up to 12 individually wrapped bars, great for post-workout. The diet supplement has 56% less sugar and goes for £19.89.

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While you might be having other options to choose from like the snickers hi protein bar or powder, the snicker protein bar suffices as well, given that it will easily integrate into your daily macros. The diet snack bar offers up to 18g of protein, and up to 199 calories per snickers protein bar. The high protein bars are a revolutionalized way of enjoying your protein dose.

The high protein bar has additionally raised the bar high for its competitors that are characteristic of the cardboard taste. For the snicker bar, you will get to enjoy the real taste of caramel and peanuts coated in milk chocolate; and, just to remind you that this combination is 30% less sugar. The Hi protein snickers bars are equally effective, but which have been equipped with 20g of more protein compared to the previous 18g.

The Hi-protein bar contains 56% less sugar when compared to the normal sweet snack bar, and with this option, you will enjoy, a tasty combination of real milk chocolate, nuts, and caramel. The Hi-protein WHEY protein, on the other hand, offers up to 141 calories in a single serving; one pouch will, provide up to 25 shakes and constitutes 21g of proteins. Coming from Mars, the protein shakes and bars are many and you can get them in the m&m protein bars, and the Mars hi protein bars and shakes.