Protein Works Review

Protein Works Review

Vegans are a group of people who are under the category of vegetarians who don’t consume dairy, and eggs among other animal products. The above groups of people are exposed to a high number of nutritional deficiencies, most of whom have been established to consume less zinc, iron, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium.

Another significant nutrient that has been found to be lacking in the vegan diet and which we will be discussing are the proteins. For the vegans, therefore, we must acknowledge that not every plant food will offer sufficient proteins, as some have fewer, while others have more. Protein Works, therefore, is a company that has dedicated its efforts to manufacturing protein dietary supplements for the vegans.

Most brands in the supplements industry rarely manufacture protein dietary supplements specifically for the vegans, and you will, therefore, find maybe one or two products dedicated to the vegans. But as of now, the above is a thing of the past, as both the passionate gym-goers and entrepreneurs are making efforts to bridge this rather huge gap by formulating supplements that will specifically benefit the vegans, and one such company is The Protein Works.


Protein Works Review

Protein works is still a new company that was launched back in 2012; the company has made its presence widely known in the online circles, thus claims to be the second-largest online sports nutrition brand, at least in the United Kingdom. So, apart from producing the high-quality, vegan range of supplements the company is committed to innovation, thus most of their products keep on changing to suit the dynamic vegan sports landscape.

There range of products that have obliterated the use of wheat, dairy, gluten, and lactose are such as the vegan wonder shake, and the whey protein 360. Other interesting snacks are such as the ridiculous vegan protein bar, the superfood bites Apple and Beetroot; they also run the protein cookies, brownies, protein crunchies, and the protein nutties.

Over the years the company has managed to gain loyal clients in over 30 countries with a good number of them coming from Europe. Though not the first company to retail the protein supplements for vegans, it has garnered a lot of positive reviews to the extent of being awarded for being the best new company back in 2014.

Whey protein from Protein Works has incorporated the full amino acid profile, is low on fat and has obliterated the use of sugar. The supplement can be used by both the men and women and comes in a wide range of flavors, some of which are the choc orange swirl, the French vanilla, the cheeky choc coconut, and the cookies and cream among others.

The company’s protein bars are equally effective, and have, refrained from using artificial flavors, and gluten. For flavor enhancement, the protein bar uses the natural sweeteners complete with plant-based chocolate and the high protein crispies.

Taste and flavor

Given that we are dealing with the vegan’s diet that always seems to be bland in taste and texture, it would be interesting to know how Protein Works overcame this hurdle. As discussed earlier there is a wide range of products from Protein Works which come with a range of flavors and one that did stand out with good taste and an exciting flavor was the Apple Cinnamon Swirl.

There is also the Protein Works Whey protein 80 concentrate that is low on carbs, and fat but high in proteins at 20.6grams per serving. The supplement can be used by either water and or milk to make the high-quality protein shake, but remember that you are not restricted as you can also use juice or almond milk it’s all up to your preferences.

And for as much as the taste may be enhanced using milk or juice, the above could also increase the sugar content, which then means that you should evaluate your needs for carbs more especially if you are not trying to add more.

The Whey protein 80 concentrate when mixed with water, tastes like cold chocolate with no sugar, the supplement we must say is quite neutral with no aftertaste. When used with milk, we expect the taste to be enhanced because it is not as plain when compared to water. The resultant taste is smooth hot chocolate kind of vegan whey protein shake. In essence, therefore, is that when used with milk the supplement does offer a richer taste, using milk with the whey protein 80 concentrate is, however, not an option for the vegans.


The Protein in Works, Whey Protein 360

Premium protein shake perfect for use after the gym sessions and offers up to 23g per serving


The unique formulation of the Whey Protein 360 has included in equal portions the slow and fast-acting proteins, to offer vegans a steady stream of nutrients. Users will, therefore, be provided with up to 23g of quality protein, less than 2 grams of fats, less than 0.3g of salt, and less than 2g of fat. The high protein supplement additionally contains whey protein isolate, soy protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and milk protein.

The incorporation of different protein sources only makes the shake nutritious and beneficial to the body thus encourages the release of the BCAAS to the body’s bloodstream; the above then ensures that your muscles get a constant supply of proteins whether you use it as a post or a pre work out supplement.

Other ingredients that have been included to support its overall purpose are such as the premium grain protein blend, and the Epic protein flavors. Glutamine has also been incorporated in the supplement which helps in ensuring that your gut stays healthy while enhancing other metabolic functions.


The Weigh Protein 360 retails for about £19.99, and there is also an improved version which is priced a bit higher at £26.99. So if we are to understand or rather find justification for the price difference is that the latter has been made through a multi-phased protein formulation sourced from the unique premium grade protein. What’s more, is that the Whey protein 360 extreme has incorporated the Digezyme necessary for aiding digestion and macronutrient absorption.

So basically the differences in prices is because of the ingredients incorporated meaning that the high-end Protein Works shakes, are more targeted as regards functionality while the low priced are for basic use but highly nutritious nonetheless.

Protein bars from Protein Works also don’t come cheap, for example, the Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar goes for £21.99 while the protein cookies retail at £23. 99. The post-workout protein brownies retail for £23.99, we are also noting that the shakes and protein bars are highly-priced when compared to the other snacks such as the cookies n cream plunge that goes for £11.99.

Protein Works high protein supplements will keep your energy going when used both before and after workouts, important to note is that the prices vary with benefits, so if you are looking to achieve more then you will have to put your hand deep into your pocket and that also goes for the snack bars among other nutritious tasty treats.

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Protein Works is a great vegan product and has covered almost all the vegan needs, from the flavored and the non-flavored shakes to ensuring that some of the supplements have obliterated the use of animal products, thus making them safe for use by the vegans. The supplements are not strictly restricted for use by vegans only, therefore, the gym-goers and other individuals who engage in the muscle intensive exercises will greatly benefit.

The supplements have been formulated for use by both men and women, and even more interesting is that the company has launched the plant-based high protein supplements, the best one being the Vegan Protein that retails at only £16.99, and the Vegan Protein Extreme coming in high at £21.99. Last but not least, we have the protein wonder shake whose launch took over the supplement industry with a storm, with its unique plant-based formulation but offers the taste of the protein dairy shake.

Snickers Protein Bar review

Snickers Protein Bar review- The best protein bar

Before you settle for the protein word under the big snicker label plastered over the Mars chocolate bar, the first thing that runs in people’s minds is that it is a snack for the kids. Well, the above is true and one of the reasons why you should be careful about picking snacks for your kids. Fruits, low-fat dairy, lean protein foods, and vegetables are a healthy option for kids when compared to protein bars.

The above might come as a surprise but it is the absolute truth, kids don’t need extra protein from the protein bars, and besides what would you prefer for your kid, a well-balanced meal, or a snack bar. The former is the most logical choice that we believe you will settle with; when used by adult’s protein bars offer the perfect balance of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates.

And the reason why they are recommended as a post-workout recovery boost; important to note, therefore, is that not all protein bars are made equal, some protein bars are, therefore, high in sugar and others use sugar alcohols. We however don’t deny that a good number of them are highly nutritious. So, with the above in mind children don’t really need to be given the protein bars even though they might seem like a healthy less messy shortcut to providing an actual apple.


Snickers Protein Bar Review

Snickers is a product of the famous Mars company, and most of us know it is a sweet chocolate bar, made with loads of sweetness but which is distinctly different from the snicker protein bar. The common snicker bar that was named after the favorite horse of the Mars family is characteristic of peanuts, nougat, and caramel with a complete chocolate coating.

Over the years Mars had to branch out into other niche markets, to remain relevant thanks to the highly saturated market and the constant introduction of new chocolate bars that gave the sweet sneaker chocolate bar a run for their money. Mar’s therefore, introduced a line of the healthy version sneakers, that targeted the gym-goers and other individuals who engaged in the muscle intensive exercises.

The new line of chocolate bars, were characteristic of more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories, what’s more, is that the protein bars, were believed to pack up to 19grams of proteins, the snickers protein bar specifically, contains about 199 calories, which is about 51 less than what the original sweet sneaker bar contained.

The original sneaker bar also contained about 27 grams of sugar while the new protein bar had significantly reduced on the sugar, containing only 9grams. And when it comes to the protein content, you will find about 18grams of protein, while the original had only 4 grams.

Taste and Flavor

The fact that snickers under its umbrella has given its fans a healthy option; their sales have definitely skyrocketed, and even better is that the new snicker protein bar, tastes and looks like the original snicker chocolate bar. What’s more is the fact that it revolves around the original snicker bar in look, taste, and smell thus effectively convinces the mind and you can easily take it without feeling too guilty about staying healthy.

Most people complain of their snack bars tasting like cardboard, and others sawdust, well none of the above describes the snicker protein bar because the incorporation of the caramel and peanut improves its feel on the mouth but the protein powder tends to overpower the all the other components leading to it exuding some form of dryness.

We must, however, note that the distinct taste of the protein bars is thanks to the ingredients that have been incorporated during their production. The weird taste could be coming from the included protein source, which in most cases is the WHEY protein concentrate and isolate. The above notwithstanding, there are protein bars on the shelves that taste good and tend to have an indulgent texture.


Snickers Protein Bars

High quality protein bar with caramel, peanuts and coated in milk chocolate, contains 140% more protein per 100g


The snicker protein bar is recommended as a pre-workout regimen, and is the perfect alternative for individuals with the sweet tooth; also if you are looking for something that will replace the bland taste brought about by observing a strict diet then the snicker protein bar will suffice. Even better is that it helps get rid of cravings caused by the minimal intake of sugar and wheat.

The snicker protein bar is low on fat and sugar and quite high in proteins and if you search far and wide you will realize that it also has fewer calories at least when compared to other protein bars. There has, however, existed some controversy on the effectiveness of the snicker protein bar with many sources claiming that it is of lower quality, same as the ingredients used.

The facts concerning the above are that the snickers protein bar uses a protein blend that has been derived from hydrolyzed collagen, cartilage, and grounded animal bone, with little soy protein or amino acids. As regards the above you will find that most protein bars use WHEY, which has been established, to contain the essential amino acids, necessary for muscle building.

For enthusiasts who prefer to use the protein bars, as a diet supplement then as a rule of thumb, the calories need to be about 220, and for the sugar content, it should start from 10grams going down. On the other hand, if you are going to comb the shelves looking for a bar that will substitute your meals then ensure that it is about 300 or 400 calories.

Overall, therefore, the Snickers protein bar stacks up well, because for one it is an actual snicker bar from the legendary Mars company, it contains up to 18g of high-quality protein and the taste is immaculate.


So apart from the snickers protein bar, Mars also runs the snickers hi protein chocolate, caramel, and peanut flavor WHEY, a protein shake powder that has been conveniently packed in an 875g pouch, and will provide you with up to 25 servings, at 21 grams of proteins per serving. The above supplement was especially formulated for the vegetarians and retails at £19.99.

The Snickers protein bar, on the other hand, retails in Amazon and omes packed in one case that contains about 18pieces of the protein bars, each of which is 47g and retails from £35.98. And just like the Snicker Hi protein 875g pouch, we also have the Snickers Hi protein bar that has incorporated up to 20grams protein.

And just like the others from Mars, it is characteristic of peanuts, real milk chocolate, and caramel, you will, therefore, find them retailing on Amazon in a Snickers case, that contains up to 12 individually wrapped bars, great for post-workout. The diet supplement has 56% less sugar and goes for £19.89.

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While you might be having other options to choose from like the snickers hi protein bar or powder, the snicker protein bar suffices as well, given that it will easily integrate into your daily macros. The diet snack bar offers up to 18g of protein, and up to 199 calories per snickers protein bar. The high protein bars are a revolutionalized way of enjoying your protein dose.

The high protein bar has additionally raised the bar high for its competitors that are characteristic of the cardboard taste. For the snicker bar, you will get to enjoy the real taste of caramel and peanuts coated in milk chocolate; and, just to remind you that this combination is 30% less sugar. The Hi protein snickers bars are equally effective, but which have been equipped with 20g of more protein compared to the previous 18g.

The Hi-protein bar contains 56% less sugar when compared to the normal sweet snack bar, and with this option, you will enjoy, a tasty combination of real milk chocolate, nuts, and caramel. The Hi-protein WHEY protein, on the other hand, offers up to 141 calories in a single serving; one pouch will, provide up to 25 shakes and constitutes 21g of proteins. Coming from Mars, the protein shakes and bars are many and you can get them in the m&m protein bars, and the Mars hi protein bars and shakes.

My Protein Review

Myprotein Review

MyProtein has taken a unique approach in marketing their protein supplements; they, therefore, engage the society on a more personal level and help create awareness regarding various health issues. Of the many protein diet supplement manufacturers, My Protein is among those coming out to support the mental health cause, runs a line of comfortable gym outfits, and produces the protein supplements in different forms from the shakes, powders, and the protein bars.

The company is exploring all possible avenues of expanding its territory and therefore, encourages its clients to invite their friends, consequently earning up to £10 when the successful referrals spends up to £5. Of all the companies that are into producing supplements, My Protein launched itself in a unique manner where it sought to create a community of healthy individuals. The above has been enabled by the provided opportunity, for users to create an account with them and benefit from the member’s perks.

The latter exposes My Protein loyal customers to the new offers that are run every month, and which they can access on the company’s website; ranging from gym wear, drink to travel, and foods. And since My Protein is a fully-fledged company that runs different products and has a good hold in the society; it has gone a step further and consolidated all its products in the My Protein In application, available for both IOS and Android devices.

And just to give you a sneak peek of what goes on, in the My Protein In application is that members get the first access to the offers that are running and the new products that have been launched, be it the sporting clothes, shakes, bars, or protein powders. And in case you are experiencing hiccups with the application, they have a support team on standby round the clock.


MyProtein Review

MyProtein came into life back in 2004 but changed ownership in 2011, after being taken under the umbrella of the very able Hut Group and as it established itself as a protein supplement manufacturing company, it went ahead and built its first production facility, outside of the UK in Kentucky.

The products offered by My Protein are inexhaustible, most of which are the protein shakes, and powders, but all of different flavors and ingredients, and which benefit the body differently. Some of the products are such as the clear vegan protein, the collagen protein, the Impact Whey protein, the pea protein isolate, the weight gainer blend, and the protein hot chocolate among other many health-enhancing and muscle building products.

MyProtein also runs a line of healthy foods and snacks, categorized from the pre-workout energy boost to the post-workout energy boost among other easy pick me up options. For the above, you will find varieties of the all-natural peanut butter, the protein spread, the lean cookie sachets formulated to be used by the sweet tooth individuals, and which come in interesting indulgent flavors, such as the Dark chocolate and berry, the cranberry and white chocolate.

And when it comes to the protein bars, you will be provided with a wide selection ranging from the lean protein bar, the whipped duo, the double dough brownie, and the protein cereal bar among others. And for those individuals who have a problem reaching the required levels of vitamins and minerals in their daily food intake, My Protein has a wide selection of the Multi-Vitamin tablets, such as the Alpha Men, the CLA capsules; you can also get the multivitamin gummies and essential BCAA tablets among others.

The company additionally runs a wide selection of women’s clothing, ranging from comfortable leggings to shirts, and the curve sports bra, important to note is that women’s clothes, have been categorized and you will, therefore, find the MP Ultra Power Collection, and the MP Composure collection.

We then have the Men’s category of clothing ranging from the men’s tops that come in varied colors and designs such as the MP Men’s performance ¼ zip and the MP Men’s Original white T-shirt among other interesting designs.

Taste and Flavor

Given the wide variety of protein supplements from My Protein, we will take an in-depth look at one of their best selling muscle growth protein supplement “the Impact Whey Protein.” The latter comes in a range of distinct flavors, ranging from the strawberry cream to the classics chocolate smooths and vanilla.

And for those who don’t find any of the above tastes interesting, they have the option of going natural, to which end you have been provided with a range of the Stevia flavored options. Whey protein is a high protein supplement that encourages the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. So, in both the natural and flavored impact whey protein supplements, you will be provided with up to 3.6g of glutamine, complete with all the essential amino acids, which incorporate up to 4.5g of the BCAAs.

The latter are used by the body to build and repair new muscles thus keep the body fit for the next indulging gym or home workout sessions.


Impact WHEY Protein

Impact Whey is the Number 1 Protein powder for your everyday nutrition, offers over 80% of proteins per serving


When it comes down to macros, nutritionist normally go a step further, than the typical calorie counting that most of us are used to; which, therefore, means that they will count the macronutrients, grams of proteins, and the incorporated carbs and fats that you are taking from the impact WHEY protein supplement to achieve your calorie goal.

For the unflavored option of the Impact WHEY Protein, you will, therefore, get up to 4.0g per every 100g and up to 1.0g per serving. The supplement hasn’t incorporated any fibers, but you will get up to 82g of proteins per 100g and 21g per serving, which is equivalent to 25g. The fat’s present are 7.5g per 100g and up to 1.9g, per serving.

The amount of carbohydrates offered per serving is considerably low at 1.0g but high at 100g, which means that with increased intake, you will be able to get an effective dose of carbohydrate supplement to suffice your body’s energy needs, in place of the whole foods. What’s more is that instantinized carbohydrates, available in powder protein supplements go a step further in improving mood and vigor.


Depending on the benefits that you will get, each of the My protein supplements are differently priced and you will, therefore, find some protein supplements retailing for as low as £1.99 such as the strawberry flavored clear vegan protein, and others as high as £30.40 such as “The WHEY+, chocolate brownie flavor, designed to help repair and build new muscles.

The reason why The WHEY+ protein supplement is highly-priced is because it has incorporated cutting-edge ingredients, such as Glo Plex and protein that highly enhances muscle growth thus ensures that you stay in shape. The range of protein bars and foods are fairly priced, with the cheapest protein bar going for £12.99, while the highest-priced retails at £24.99.

Among the My Protein wide collection of protein supplements you also get the protein granola which can be used as a breakfast accompaniment or a post-workout snack. The supplement contains more than triple the protein that is found in the common granola sold in the convenience stores. And the best thing about this muscle building supplement is that it retails at a fair price of £12.64.


Myprotein is yet to find its rival with regards to the breadth of products and protein supplements that it offers. Additionally, the company has managed to consolidate all its products in one platform to allow their customers easy access. Everyone has been covered as regards the protein shakes, powders, and bars, so whether you love the flavored or the unflavored, Myprotein is your one-stop-shop

At Myprotein, enthusiasts will also be able to get comfortable gear to use during their workout sessions for both the men and women, and here we are not just talking about the tights and tops but rather the proper fitting sports bra, vest, hoods, and joggers. The prices of the My Protein products are fair, and on our site you can find Myprotein discount code to save more money. With the highly-priced incorporating advanced ingredients and are high in proteins.

PHD Diet WHEY Review

PHD Diet WHEY Review

PHD Diet WHEY is a highly nutritious protein supplement for use by both the ladies and gents; the brand has been keen to cover all the loopholes by providing a variety of low-calorie range of Diet Whey powders and snacks all of which have been designed to afford you the leaner look. Proteins in our bodies play a major role as they are the building blocks for healthy and supple-looking skin; they enhance our bones, cartilage, and muscles among other things.

If we are to get calories from foodstuffs that would mean that we consume a lot of poultry, lean meat, fish, eggs, legumes, cheese, milk, and yogurt among other foods, and while the above is possible maintaining a strict diet is at times a task that many of us find hard to fulfill mainly because of our busy day schedule, and that is why there are supplements that can provide your body with the needed nutrients in large doses.

The PHD Diet Whey is among the best protein supplement that is easy to store mix (soluble) and store, it is available in varying flavors and forms. The latter is the best part because whether you are looking to boost your energy levels, enhance your food intake or maybe you are just looking for a snack to keep you going, then PHD Diet WHEY has got you covered. The brands Diet WHEY products are low in calories, so whether you take the shake or the snack bar they will both help you attain a leaner body.


PHD Diet WHEY Review

PHD is a product of two determined gym-goers with a vision to change and influence the sports nutrition world across the globe. The launch of PHD into the markets was borne out of passion to bring tangible change; the supplement does not promise instant results but with constant use and the relevant discipline in diet and training, then keeping fit and staying healthy becomes a lifestyle.

So while PHD might seem like any other protein supplement in the convenience stores and online shops, it does have much to offer, and once you start using it you will realize that indeed it is a journey in which you learn and perform smartly. The PHD supplement has a great taste thus consuming it is not a hurdle, its nutritional benefits are far-reaching and the reason why you are going to want it in your kitchen cupboard for the rest of your lifetime.

Since its inception back in 2006, PHD has been appreciated by the serious gym-goers around the world and is now sold to over 45 countries. And the reason why it is continuously gaining relevance is that its founding principles have never changed, the supplement remains as effective with the brand increasing its scope to cover other niche markets but still with the same passion of creating a healthy nation.

The Diet Whey range of products is massive and we promise you will get confused, worry not though because we are going to help you settle with the perfect supplement. Gone are the days where you have to burst your brain cells restraining yourself from picking a sweet chocolate bar that has zero nutritional benefits because PHD has provided you with a healthy alternative.

The Diet Whey bars will provide your body with up to 178mg of calcium per bar, they are high in fiber and contain less than 200 calories per bar. What’s more, is that they contain the added L-Carnitine which helps in fat loss. Another interesting product from PHD is the Diet WHEY lean double chocolate, perfect for sustainable weight loss; the supplement is low in G. I carbs and has been equipped with a complete blend of vitamins and minerals.

The Diet WHEY lean was prepared for the busy individuals who want to keep fit no matter how busy they are, if you, therefore, don’t have enough time to sit down and consume some quality solid meal then this supplement is the perfect choice as it is relatively thick and with good flavor. We then have the 12 pack Diet Cookie that you must store away from the kid’s reach.

The above supplement is a healthy substitute for the hotdogs that you eat during your work breaks, only that you need to be careful not to exceed the daily intake. Diet Cookie, provides your body with up to 22g of high-quality protein, contains, green tea extract, L-carnitine, and CLA. Lastly, we have the PHD Diet WHEY high protein lean muscle shake, that apart from being GMO-free and the perfect option for breakfast, you can take it in between meals as the day gets older.

The Diet WHEY birthday cake flavor has been formulated for individuals struggling with hunger cravings, as it ensures that you stay satisfied in between meals.

Taste and Flavor

When it comes to taste and flavor then your taste buds better be alive and kicking because Diet Whey has over 20 flavors all you have to do is choose one or two, four if you like; there is no harm in alternating for as long as you are getting the nutritional benefits and gaining a leaner muscle. Among the supplements produced by PHD, there are a few that are completely natural a good example being the PHD Natural WHEY 500g chocolate, that is naturally flavored and sweetened and a good post work out supplement that will pack your body with proteins and can be taken in between meals just to boost the levels of proteins in your body.

So unlike the other sweet-tasting supplements, the Natural WHEY 500g chocolate, does not really tickle the taste buds, as a few of the consumers are registering a rather bland or bitter taste with a few that actually like it, well it all boils down to personal preference. The above notwithstanding, you can always change direction and go after the other tasty flavors such as the Chocolate Orange, the white chocolate and raspberry, the strawberry, and the roasted caramel among others.



A high Protein Lean Matrix perfect for body sculpting, contains the green tea extract and is low in fat, sugar and salt. 80 servings in a 2kg pack

Nutritional Benefit

The PHD Diet WHEY protein supplement in powder form will help you manage your weight goals, one because it is low in sugar, and packs only 91 calories. The supplement can be used by the flexible vegetarian; if we are to further dissect the nutritional benefits of the powder Diet WHEY supplement, you will find that it contains up to 6g carbs, in one serving, and no more than 200 calories.

Because of the above, it is macro-friendly, thus adoptable to different nutritional plans, if you are, therefore, in the keto diet then the WHEY supplement will suffice, if you are carb cycling then the PHD Diet WHEY remains the better option that offers low calories.


Given the many flavors of the PHD Diet WHEY, we wouldn’t encourage you rushing to purchase the biggest of cans only to get defeated by the taste at the very first encounter. Important to note is that the PHD Diet WHEY retails at a budget-friendly price on the company’s website when compared to ordering direct from Amazon.

On Amazon, you will, therefore, find the Ikg pouch retailing at £17. 99, now a similar size Diet WHEY protein of the birthday cake flavor retails at a much lower price of £8.99 from the initial £14.99 thus gives you a chance to save up to 40%.

Now depending on the form of the Diet WHEY supplement that you want, they all come with varying prices, for example, the Diet WHEY bar goes for £20.99, and a single 65g bar costing £2.50. The varying prices and flavors allow you to try out the different flavors and tastes without feeling the pinch of wasting money.

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If you are just learning about the PHD Diet WHEY supplements you are on time because the brand is timeless and keeps innovating its products to keep up with the changing sports and fitness landscapes. All categories of people have been provided for in the PHD Diet WHEY brand of supplements, from those who suffer from the hunger cravings to those who love snacking, and for the above groups, their only cause of concern should be not to exceed the recommended daily intake.

Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Review

Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Review

Sporting activities and workouts tend to consume most of our energy, the reason many people turn to supplements to keep their energy going. However, the use of supplements is still a controversial topic given that most of them are made of proteins which are then broken down to produce ammonia. Too much protein in the body when broken down leads to the release of large amounts of ammonia which can be fatal.

Excessive amounts of ammonia in the blood system can, therefore, lead to serious health complications, and in aggravated cases, people will suffer from a coma, brain damage, and in worst-case scenarios, death. The above then raises the question are supplements and in specific the protein supplements worth your while? Well, if we back up a little, natural protein consumption helps in the maintenance of all our body tissues and muscles.

Besides, the protein supplements used by healthy people are harmless; however, directions from a physician will come in handy if the individual has an underlying health condition. Excessive consumption of the protein supplement can also cause ill health, but if we are to move back to the muscle building supplements, you will find that they are available in various forms, from bars, shakes, and capsules; a good example being the Muscle Tech NitroTech Whey Protein.


Muscle Tech is known for producing dietary supplements and has narrowed its scope to sports nutrition supplements. The Nitro-Tech in particular boasts of containing all the three free amino acids, which are taurine, glycine, and alanine. The supplement is meant for use by people who are looking to improve their overall performance when working out; also people who are looking to build their muscles and improve their overall strength can benefit from the protein supplement.

Nitro-Tech has been marketed around the world as the best post-workout protein supplement necessary for igniting muscle protein synthesis with minimal to no restrictions of the intake time. The effectiveness of the supplements has been proved by the breakthrough study where participants were found to have increased their 1-rep max bench press by about 34lbs, by just using the regular whey protein.

And by partaking of the Nitro tech, users were determined to have gained more lean muscle at least when compared to participants who used the regular whey protein. For the above results, the Nitro-Tech has incorporated premium whey protein which allows for it to quickly dissolve thus easily digest.

Taste and Flavour

Nitro-Tech enthusiasts who are not into the protein shakes don’t have to miss out on the protein supplement as they can get the same benefits from the Nitrotech crunch bars. The only difference between these two proteins supplements is that the Crunch bar does excite the taste buds, given its chocolate peanut butter flavor.

In essence, therefore, is that the chocolate peanut butter, protein bar, has combined the excellent taste of peanut butter and chocolate, to keep your energy going when engaging the muscle intensive exercises such as exercising, hiking among other intense sporting activities.

The Nitro crunch bars come in varying delicious flavors, and you will, therefore, find them in the vanilla birthday cake flavor, cookies and cream, strawberry, Mocha Cappuccino Swirl, decadent brownie cheesecake, and naturally flavored milk chocolate flavor.

And since not everyone is into the flavors as some would prefer a natural taste, the Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech is naturally flavored and has therefore obliterated the use of any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. The supplement is cold-pressed and micro-filtered for less lactose, carbs, and fats; every scoop of this pure formula will provide you with the relevant strength to help improve recovery and at the same time amplify your strength.


Nitro Tech Whey Peptides & Isolate Primary Source

The most powerful protein supplement containing Nitro Tech protein powder for use by professional body builders and to help increase protein intake in the diet; 6.8g of BCAAs with 3g dose of creatine in 30g serving

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is produced by our bodies and can be found in the natural foods that we take like fish and red meat. The role of creatine in the human body is to turn food into energy and the reason why it has been incorporated in Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech. Users of the supplement can therefore expect speedy muscle growth, their muscles will also produce more energy and in other cases, creatine helps to lower the blood sugar levels and fight diabetes.


Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech contains up to 1 gram of Taurine which is found in very limited amounts in meat and fish, the conditional amino acid can be produced by the body and is a power giving substance. Though when taken in excess it is believed to be harmful to the body, but the correct levels will help improve exercise performance, protect the muscles, heart, and eyes among other functions.

Whey Protein

It is high time that people stop turning a blind eye to proteins becasue it is essential in the repair of the body’s tissues. So apart from improving the performance of athletes whey protein promotes muscle growth, it may help lower the blood pressure, treat type 2 diabetes, and is believed to be beneficial for the inflammatory bowel disease.


Amylase are enzymes made by the pancreas and the salivary glands and are useful in breaking down carbs for easy absorption into the body, the above is the reason why you are always asked to chew food before swallowing, as the enzymes will break down carbs for easy digestion and absorption. Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech contains up to 50g of amylase and the good thing about it is that it is extracted from seeds and not saliva.


Glycine is used by the body to lower muscle inflammation that takes place during bodybuilding. Glycine enters our bodies when we take the natural foodstuffs though, in small doses; you will, therefore, find glycine in foods such as legumes, dairy, and fish. Glycine is also believed to improve sleep quality which consequently helps the body repair itself as you engage the deep sleep.

Glycine also helps your body provide powerful antioxidants that help to protect the cells from oxidative damage which is caused by the free radicals. In essence, therefore, is that the lack of glycine leads to less production of glutathione, which could negatively affect how our bodies handle oxidative stress.


L-Alanine is believed to be the source of energy for the muscles, its purpose in the body is to break down tryptophan and vitamin B6 and is also used to make proteins. Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech contains about 2 grams of L-Alanine. Important to note is that L-alanine is produced by the body and you, therefore, don’t have to necessarily take it through the supplements.

In the body L-Alanine creates, an alanine cycle necessary for transferring the amino acids into glucose, the latter is used for energy, consequently improving the human’s body overall energy during workouts while protecting the muscle tissue.


When all has been said it boils down to the price of the supplement and you will, therefore, find that some are very effective but the price blows it off. The idea here is that the supplement should easily fit into your budget because they are not a one-off thing but something that you will have to take continuously for an extended period.

Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech is available in about four different varieties, the Nitro-Tech Milk chocolate that retails for £34.90 weighing about 1.81kg; we then have the Muscle Tech mass tech (cookies and cream) which retails at £34.60 in a 7-pound pack, the Nitro-Tech Whey Gold (strawberry), retails at £40.35 in amazon for 76 servings and lastly the highest-priced, Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Whey gold (French Vanilla Cream) that retails at £50.99 for 76 servings on Amazon.

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Given the naturally derived ingredients incorporated in the Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech dietary supplement, we have been able to establish that it is effective, and can be used by individuals seeking to build muscle, enhance their performance and improve their overall strength. The supplement is available in over 9 flavors, and you also have the option of going with the Muscle Tech Nitro Tech bar, instead of the all-natural Muscle Tech powder. Muscle Tech has, therefore; incorporated ingredients that help the body produce more energy while repairing the tissue.

Gold Standard Whey Review

Gold Standard Whey Review

Ever gotten up early in the morning determined to run and cover about 1.5 kilometers and ended up not finishing even one, well that is quite disappointing, to say the least, because overall you won’t be motivated to get up the next morning. But that shouldn’t be the case; the sheer lack of energy when you need it the most can be rectified, both naturally by improving our diets and by taking the dietary supplements.

There are many reasons why people, strive to build muscle and the first most important reason is to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, thus improve overall life quality. People also build muscles, to increase their bone density and manage their weight. So whichever your mission we have the perfect product for you, “the Gold Standard Whey.”

If we are to look at the concept of muscle building beyond the supplements then you will be amazed by what goes into building thicker muscles. For example, have you ever heard of muscle hypertrophy, a process that occurs when the fibers of the muscles are injured; well the body will fuse the damaged fibers together during repair and in the process, increase the muscle sizes.

Apart from the above, you will find that some of the muscle-building supplements have incorporated ingredients necessary for muscle growth, the common one’s being Whey protein, Beta-Alanine, and the Branched Chain Amino Acids.


The Gold Standard Whey is a prominent sports nutrition brand with a solid 30 years in the industry, since its inception back in 1986 the brand strives to continually innovate its products consequently defining the modern sports nutrition industry. And as it clocked its thirtieth-year enthusiasts were treated to the new Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, the above we must say is the best selling product from the brand and comes in the cake flavor.

The Gold Standard Whey is sold worldwide and has been accepted mainly by the male gender who are out to gain more body mass and weight. The supplements normally contain high amounts of calories, proteins, and carbs which when introduced into the body are the best for meal replacement and work well for individuals with a quick metabolism.

The supplement is, therefore, suitable for men who are out to build muscles, with each serving of the supplement offering up to 24grams of high-quality whey protein, used for whey protein isolate, what’s more, is that the supplement is instantized to enable easy mixing.

Taste and Flavor

Taste and flavor, some people don’t really appreciate their taste buds being tickled and others will not eat anything that tastes like cardboard or is flat. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey has up to 20 varying flavors, including some that are naturally flavored. The Gold Standard 100% Whey supplement is a double rich chocolate flavor supplement that will leave furnish your mouth with the tantalizing taste of chocolate.

And even though it might not offer the exact chocolate milk taste it can definitely double up as a dessert given that it is a post work out supplement. And when it comes to using the supplement, it sure does dissolves quickly and in a few moments of mixing, it is ready for consumption. Choosing one flavor among the 20 Gold Standard Whey flavors can be a challenge we have therefore selected two for you.

The first one being the Caramel Toffee Fudge, which leaves a good taste on the mouth, and is neither too sweet nor too bitter. Others that you will find interesting are such as the extreme milk chocolate, the strawberry banana, and the chocolate malt. The second flavor that many people might not agree with is the cookies and cream flavor, which we have noted that many users think it is not so great.

Well from the above settling with one flavor with the Gold Standard Whey is almost impossible, but whichever you choose to use, you can be sure that it will have zero negative effects on your health.


Gold Standard 100% Whey

High Quality protein supplement for better work out sessions, with the best results, and the perfect protein supplement for athletes of different levels; 2.4 kg offers 68 servings.

Whey Protein Isolate

The Whey protein isolate constitutes the major ingredients incorporated in this supplement and as facts state; it is an essential component as it helps increase strength and muscle while reducing body fat. In other studies, Whey is not just a protein because it further contributes to other biological benefits to the body.

Whey Protein concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is a bodybuilding supplement necessary for increasing the dietary protein intake, its main purpose is to maximize muscle hypertrophy. Another feature of the Whey concentrate that you might find interesting is the fact that it is relatively low in fats and carbohydrates.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein isolate

The above is a concentration in which a few of the amino bonds have been broken through the exposure of the proteins to acids, enzymes, or heat. The above pre-digestion then makes the hydrolyzed proteins to be quickly absorbed in the gut when compared to the whey isolates and concentrates.

And its purpose in the body is to get rid of all the unwanted fats, carbs, and lactose, important to note, however, is that the hydrolyzed, removes all the lactose and fats which could be important for people who are hypersensitive. The above notwithstanding Whey protein is necessary and will help you build lean muscles.


The price of most supplements is way higher than the price of natural foodstuff, and with the biting economy, we are pretty sure a good number of the supplement users would prefer to revert to eating more nutritious and diet-conscious meals. Another rather confusing fact about supplements is that you have to stay committed for a while before you start seeing actual results.

Most supplements are, therefore, packaged to be used for one month or less, meaning that before the end of the month you might have to get another dose of the highly-priced protein supplements. But then again if we say that we will observe a strict diet and be keen on eating the muscle building and energy-giving foods, we would be deceiving ourselves.

So, while you might opt to derive the relevant nutrients from foodstuffs there is never enough quantity in a serving that will suffice. Therefore, if a supplement delivers and it is not overpriced then why not invest in it.

The Gold standard Whey, for example, has a nice taste, which is neither too sweet nor too bitter; it dissolves easily and is quite efficient when it comes to mass addition. And to top it all off, the pricing is just right especially if you consider the yield, which is the percentage of protein per serving. For this supplement, therefore, you get 75% total mass in protein and only 25% that is not protein.

You will, therefore, find the Gold Standard whey in the 907g container, retailing at £36.44, we then have the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein shake in form of sachet’s packed in a dozen but which is region-specific and therefore retails at $22.49.

The Gold Standard Whey, therefore, offers value for money more especially because the percentage of filler is quite low constituting artificial flavor, lecithin, cocoa, and acesulfame potassium.

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Athletes and other individuals engaging in the muscle intensive exercises can greatly benefit from the Gold Standard range of optimum nutrition supplements. The company has managed to maintain high production standards to enable athletes to unlock their full potential. Gold Standard Whey, therefore, delivers about 24g of the whey protein to encourage muscle growth.

The supplement we must say is unique especially if we look at yield and the filler percentage, and you will also find the Whey supplement in different forms, such as the hydrolyzed whey peptide, the ion-exchange whey protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate, and the cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate.

The supplement retails rather cheaply on Amazon but you might have to pay a little extra if you get it from the company, there are so very few disadvantages concerning the Gold standard Whey mostly on pricing but otherwise, you can use it comfortably without worrying about side effects because it has none.

Bulk Powders Review

Bulk Powders Review

Bulk powders are quality-oriented diet supplements meant for health-conscious individuals. The above statements applies to many other powder supplements in the market but what makes the Bulk powders stand out is the fact that their products can only be found from specific suppliers, a move which ensures that the consumers are provided with low priced but highly effective diet supplements.

Bulk powders are not your ordinary diet supplements that come pre-mixed, where you are only provided with percentages of the yield, filler, and protein content on the label of the container. Bulk powders give the sportsmen and women, the gym-goers, and other health-conscious individuals a chance to create their formulation as regards their body goals.

So, what the company does is that it makes a single-ingredient supplement and makes it available to the consumers in which case you are sure of what you are consuming, so you don’t have to keep guessing if the manufacturer really included a specific product in the supplement that you want to purchase.

The above has made the company quite famous thanks to their transparency and the integrity of their products. If you have, therefore, been looking for a brand of supplements that you can trust, then Bulk powders it is.


Bulk Products Review

Bulk Powders has over 13 years solid years in the dietary supplements industry, the company was borne by two gym-goers who got tired of taking dietary supplements with presumed ingredients. Many supplements in the market contain hidden dosages of ingredients that don’t contribute much to the body goals journey.

Consumers are, therefore, never sure of what they are consuming and are thus at the mercy of the producing companies, and this includes the knock-offs that are quite prevalent in various niche markets. When Bulk products entered the market, their scope was narrow thus only provided supplements on sports nutrition, which varied from products that helped with fitness performance to the protein shakes, and the fat loss supplements.

Over time the company has grown and have branched out to offer solutions, which help counter other health problems; coming from bulk, you will be provided with the multivitamins, athlete endorsed formulations, health foods, nut butters, green powders, digestive aids, and the fish oils among others. The company has spread its wings and adopted the new e-commerce technology to help market their products far and wide around the globe, and on the ground, it has a stronghold in over 13 countries.

So apart from clinching the top position at the pedestal as the fastest growing sports nutrition brand, Bulk retails both the unflavored and flavored brand of proteins. The process of growth, of the Bulk company, is the perfect definition of transforming a dream into reality, given its immense success in creating jobs and the huge accomplishments in enhancing health while promoting fitness.

Taste and Flavor

Bulk powders come in varying flavors, for example, we have the coconut, pineapple, and chocolate cookie flavors, all of which are forms of the bulk powder whey. Of the three, the chocolate cookie flavor has gained relevance, as many users have given it positive reviews. What’s more, is that the formulation of the supplement has combined the taste of chocolate and caramel which comes complete with a nice aroma.

Overall we can, therefore, say that the flavor is delicious, highly soluble, and makes very good shakes while incorporating a lot of the protein oats.

If you, therefore, find taking the bulk powder in pure form a challenge, you can mix it with other healthy fruits, such as the frozen strawberries or bananas. And as mentioned earlier Bulk does run both the flavored and the unflavored bulk powders and which are significantly different.

If you, therefore, decide to settle with the unflavored pure whey protein, you will benefit of up to 80% of proteins per serving, however, when it comes to the flavored, the percentages does go down a bit, and you will get 3-5% less of proteins, of whichever flavor that you decide to purchase. So despite the reduced protein percentages many people would prefer something that they are comfortable drinking and has good taste.

Remember, also, that this is a supplement that you might have to consume more than once a day, and a bland taste is not exactly encouraging. The high protein percentage of the unflavored whey, we must say is quite attractive and if you, therefore, prefer this option, you could always enhance its taste by using the LiquiFlav, the above is a zero-calorie, liquid flavoring system provided by bulk and comes in a range of delicious flavors.


Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein

Premium quality whey protein powder that offers outstanding value 22g protein per serving


For those who are yet to try out the Whey protein diet supplement then you are missing out because the bulk powders delivers in macros, so for every 22g serving you will benefit from 3g carbs, 22.5g in proteins, 2.5g fats, 3g sugar, and 1.5g saturates. The carbs in this supplement are considerably low but that is a good thing because it makes the supplement highly effective as it will fit in various diets including keto.

Protein is high at 22.5g, you must, however, note that with the flavored option the protein levels in the bulk powders is lower when compared to the unflavored. What’s more is that the pure whey protein has incorporated all the essential amino acids, which is inclusive of the BCAA, if you are, therefore, looking to add protein to your diet, or to build muscle then the bulk powders will suffice.

And apart from mixing it with frozen strawberries, pure whey protein can also be incorporated in pastries, in a bid to enhance the protein content of the various recipes. Overall the Bulk powders pure whey protein can be used by anyone looking to build muscle mass, and those looking to improve their dietary protein intake.


There are so many misconceptions when it comes to pricing, all of which are brought about by the smart minds who use price to market products. Offering discounts helps in increasing sales, however, retailers only offer discounts when they want to clear their existing stock and, reduce losses, consequently making room for the new incoming stock, and because of the above, some consumers avoid discounted products.

Cheaply priced products are always thought of being substandard, with minimal benefits especially when it comes to supplements. The above could be true if you check on the incorporated ingredients, of a particular product, but not for the Bulk powders. The latter is focused on offering value but at an affordable price, if you, therefore, buy the Bulk supplements from the company’s website, you will find that they retail rather cheaply but offer great value.

For example, the pure Whey protein goes for £12.99, the pure Whey isolate 90 retails at £15.99, the beneficial creatine monohydrate goes for £2.49, and the instant BCAA goes for £9.99; the products from bulk are quite many, but all of which are pocket friendly and have been formulated to work on various body goals.

Some of its highly-priced products are such as the vegan all in one that goes for £49.99, it is a post-workout shake, that packs up to 29g of protein, and has excluded the use of soya and gluten in its formulation, if you are, therefore, looking for a vegan post-workout shake then the vegan all in one bulk powder will suffice.

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Bulk powders runs the best diet protein supplement formulated to cater to the different categories of people from the sportsmen and women, to the gym-goers and other health-conscious individuals. The company stands out in this industry because it offers the lowest price in Europe, and offers massive discounts to individuals who purchase the products in bulk.

Bulk product pages are transparent in that they allow their customers to download the certificate of analysis of each of their protein supplements, and most importantly is that they offer quite a wide range of products, which then ensures that everyone is catered for.

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein

If you are looking for high quality affordable protein then MyProtien is the place to go. Myprotien’s Impact Whey protein is their best selling whey protein. It comes in numerous flavours (20+) and various sizes ranging from 22 lbs to 11 lbs. If you would like to save money at Myprotien, be sure to see our Myprotein codes and save big!

What Makes Impact Whey so Popular?

  • 21g of protein per serving
  • 4.5g of BCAAs
  • Only 1.9g fat
  • Only 1g carbs
  • 103 calories per serving
  • Contains all the essential amino acids
  • Created with premium, grass-fed whey
  • One of the best value proteins out there
  • Mixes easily with water
  • Benefits of whey protein
  • Helps you build muscle

Whey protein is a bodybuilders best friend because of the high amount of protein that it contains. Not only does it contain a high amount of protein, but it also contains all the essential amino acids that are required to build muscle. Out of all these amino acids there is one amino acid called leucine which plays a big role in stimulating muscle growth.

Leucine signals the mTOR mechanism to increase muscle protein synthesis and when you increase protein synthesis, your body is a prime state to build muscle. Increase protein synthesis means your body is ready to use the protein you ingested throughout the day to build muscle.  

Whey protein provides you with more than enough leucine per serving to help stimulate muscle growth. If you were to get the equivalent from food you would need 1.5 lbs of chicken breasts.

Not only does whey protein help you build muscle but it offers a quick and easy way to get some tasty protein inside your system fast. When it comes to building muscle Impact Whey protein has you covered, with 21 g of protein and 4.5 g of BCAA’s per scoop you will have no problem stimulating muscle growth.

Reduce Hunger

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves hungry between snacks and it is all too easy to grab a quick snack that contains high calories with very little nutritional value to fill that hunger.

Whey protein is a fantastic snack to have in between meals when you feel hungry. Not only does it have great nutritional values and generally low in calories, but because of the high-protein found in whey protein it keeps you fuller for longer from the increased satiety that it offers.

Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Having a high-protein diet can help you lose weight faster than if you were not on a high-protein diet. Firstly, your body burns a lot of calories by digesting protein, this will boost your metabolism which will help you burn calories faster.

Protein also helps to suppress your appetite and helps to keep you fuller for longer, this means you will be eating less throughout the day which will help you burn fat faster.

Protein also helps you keep most of your muscle mass when you are trying to diet down. when dieting it is important to keep as much muscle as you can as muscles require a lot of calories, this means your body will store less fat and use the calories you consume to maintain muscle mass and other important bodily functions.

Whey Protein Explained

Whey Protein vs Casein Protein Powder

Gone are the days when people relied merely on natural sources to meet their nutrient requirements. Now, we live in a world where we can meet our daily requirements without having to consume food that we don’t like. One way to ensure that you keep up with your desired protein intake is by incorporating protein supplements into your diet.

If you have ever gone supplement shopping, you would know that there is an array of options in the market to choose from. The ideal product for you depends on your need. The two most useful supplements that you can get your hands on are whey protein and casein protein powder.

What Is the Difference Between Whey and Casein?

The significant difference between the two types of supplements is the rate with which they are absorbed by the body.

Those of you who are aware of the intricacies of whey protein would know that the reason it is taken by those who wish for muscular strength is that the product tends to be digested at a fast rate and, hence, is at the disposal of your muscles as soon as possible.

In contrast to the fast digestion process of whey protein, casein is known for taking its due time. Once you have consumed the product, it gradually digests over a course of five to seven hours. This is the reason why casein is known to be anti-catabolic, while whey is known as anabolic.

While whey is ideal for building muscles, casein is perfect for the prevention of muscle breakdown owing to its gradual absorption of amino acids. This is achieved by the product providing the body with a consistent supply of amino acids.

Another difference between the two supplements is that casein contains significantly less BCAAs than whey. Hence, for those of you who want to receive the essential amino acids in a large amount, whey will prove to be better.

When Should You Use Whey?

Generally, whey is taken when you need to enhance your muscular strength or when you wish to reduce your weight. In both cases, this product should be taken right before, during or right after your vigorous workout session has ended.

This is because whey digests very quickly, so if you take it prior to the times mentioned, your muscles or body will not benefit from the supplement and might be at a high risk of GI distress.

When Should You Use Casein?

Since casein tends to stay in your body for a long time and is slowly digested, you should use the product when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. Since it takes a long time to break down, it keeps the consumer satiated for a long time. Therefore, you will not find yourself reaching for midnight snacks or munchies throughout the day.

Hence, the best time to use casein powder is before going to bed or once you have eaten your breakfast. You can also consume it during the day when you feel the hunger setting in.


Whether it be whey protein or casein protein powder, both of them manage to offer their users a chance to reap various benefits. When you are given the choice between the two items, make sure you analyze why you need a supplement in the first place before opting for either product. Use the best whey protein powders to provide your body with the nutrients that it needs. You and your body deserve the best.

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