Protein Works Review

Vegans are a group of people who are under the category of vegetarians who don’t consume dairy, and eggs among other animal products. The above groups of people are exposed to a high number of nutritional deficiencies, most of whom have been established to consume less zinc, iron, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium.

Another significant nutrient that has been found to be lacking in the vegan diet and which we will be discussing are the proteins. For the vegans, therefore, we must acknowledge that not every plant food will offer sufficient proteins, as some have fewer, while others have more. Protein Works, therefore, is a company that has dedicated its efforts to manufacturing protein dietary supplements for the vegans.

Most brands in the supplements industry rarely manufacture protein dietary supplements specifically for the vegans, and you will, therefore, find maybe one or two products dedicated to the vegans. But as of now, the above is a thing of the past, as both the passionate gym-goers and entrepreneurs are making efforts to bridge this rather huge gap by formulating supplements that will specifically benefit the vegans, and one such company is The Protein Works.


Protein Works Review

Protein works is still a new company that was launched back in 2012; the company has made its presence widely known in the online circles, thus claims to be the second-largest online sports nutrition brand, at least in the United Kingdom. So, apart from producing the high-quality, vegan range of supplements the company is committed to innovation, thus most of their products keep on changing to suit the dynamic vegan sports landscape.

There range of products that have obliterated the use of wheat, dairy, gluten, and lactose are such as the vegan wonder shake, and the whey protein 360. Other interesting snacks are such as the ridiculous vegan protein bar, the superfood bites Apple and Beetroot; they also run the protein cookies, brownies, protein crunchies, and the protein nutties.

Over the years the company has managed to gain loyal clients in over 30 countries with a good number of them coming from Europe. Though not the first company to retail the protein supplements for vegans, it has garnered a lot of positive reviews to the extent of being awarded for being the best new company back in 2014.

Whey protein from Protein Works has incorporated the full amino acid profile, is low on fat and has obliterated the use of sugar. The supplement can be used by both the men and women and comes in a wide range of flavors, some of which are the choc orange swirl, the French vanilla, the cheeky choc coconut, and the cookies and cream among others.

The company’s protein bars are equally effective, and have, refrained from using artificial flavors, and gluten. For flavor enhancement, the protein bar uses the natural sweeteners complete with plant-based chocolate and the high protein crispies.

Taste and flavor

Given that we are dealing with the vegan’s diet that always seems to be bland in taste and texture, it would be interesting to know how Protein Works overcame this hurdle. As discussed earlier there is a wide range of products from Protein Works which come with a range of flavors and one that did stand out with good taste and an exciting flavor was the Apple Cinnamon Swirl.

There is also the Protein Works Whey protein 80 concentrate that is low on carbs, and fat but high in proteins at 20.6grams per serving. The supplement can be used by either water and or milk to make the high-quality protein shake, but remember that you are not restricted as you can also use juice or almond milk it’s all up to your preferences.

And for as much as the taste may be enhanced using milk or juice, the above could also increase the sugar content, which then means that you should evaluate your needs for carbs more especially if you are not trying to add more.

The Whey protein 80 concentrate when mixed with water, tastes like cold chocolate with no sugar, the supplement we must say is quite neutral with no aftertaste. When used with milk, we expect the taste to be enhanced because it is not as plain when compared to water. The resultant taste is smooth hot chocolate kind of vegan whey protein shake. In essence, therefore, is that when used with milk the supplement does offer a richer taste, using milk with the whey protein 80 concentrate is, however, not an option for the vegans.


The Protein in Works, Whey Protein 360

Premium protein shake perfect for use after the gym sessions and offers up to 23g per serving


The unique formulation of the Whey Protein 360 has included in equal portions the slow and fast-acting proteins, to offer vegans a steady stream of nutrients. Users will, therefore, be provided with up to 23g of quality protein, less than 2 grams of fats, less than 0.3g of salt, and less than 2g of fat. The high protein supplement additionally contains whey protein isolate, soy protein, hydrolyzed whey protein, and milk protein.

The incorporation of different protein sources only makes the shake nutritious and beneficial to the body thus encourages the release of the BCAAS to the body’s bloodstream; the above then ensures that your muscles get a constant supply of proteins whether you use it as a post or a pre work out supplement.

Other ingredients that have been included to support its overall purpose are such as the premium grain protein blend, and the Epic protein flavors. Glutamine has also been incorporated in the supplement which helps in ensuring that your gut stays healthy while enhancing other metabolic functions.


The Weigh Protein 360 retails for about £19.99, and there is also an improved version which is priced a bit higher at £26.99. So if we are to understand or rather find justification for the price difference is that the latter has been made through a multi-phased protein formulation sourced from the unique premium grade protein. What’s more, is that the Whey protein 360 extreme has incorporated the Digezyme necessary for aiding digestion and macronutrient absorption.

So basically the differences in prices is because of the ingredients incorporated meaning that the high-end Protein Works shakes, are more targeted as regards functionality while the low priced are for basic use but highly nutritious nonetheless.

Protein bars from Protein Works also don’t come cheap, for example, the Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar goes for £21.99 while the protein cookies retail at £23. 99. The post-workout protein brownies retail for £23.99, we are also noting that the shakes and protein bars are highly-priced when compared to the other snacks such as the cookies n cream plunge that goes for £11.99.

Protein Works high protein supplements will keep your energy going when used both before and after workouts, important to note is that the prices vary with benefits, so if you are looking to achieve more then you will have to put your hand deep into your pocket and that also goes for the snack bars among other nutritious tasty treats.

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Protein Works is a great vegan product and has covered almost all the vegan needs, from the flavored and the non-flavored shakes to ensuring that some of the supplements have obliterated the use of animal products, thus making them safe for use by the vegans. The supplements are not strictly restricted for use by vegans only, therefore, the gym-goers and other individuals who engage in the muscle intensive exercises will greatly benefit.

The supplements have been formulated for use by both men and women, and even more interesting is that the company has launched the plant-based high protein supplements, the best one being the Vegan Protein that retails at only £16.99, and the Vegan Protein Extreme coming in high at £21.99. Last but not least, we have the protein wonder shake whose launch took over the supplement industry with a storm, with its unique plant-based formulation but offers the taste of the protein dairy shake.