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MyProtein has taken a unique approach in marketing their protein supplements; they, therefore, engage the society on a more personal level and help create awareness regarding various health issues. Of the many protein diet supplement manufacturers, My Protein is among those coming out to support the mental health cause, runs a line of comfortable gym outfits, and produces the protein supplements in different forms from the shakes, powders, and the protein bars.

The company is exploring all possible avenues of expanding its territory and therefore, encourages its clients to invite their friends, consequently earning up to £10 when the successful referrals spends up to £5. Of all the companies that are into producing supplements, My Protein launched itself in a unique manner where it sought to create a community of healthy individuals. The above has been enabled by the provided opportunity, for users to create an account with them and benefit from the member’s perks.

The latter exposes My Protein loyal customers to the new offers that are run every month, and which they can access on the company’s website; ranging from gym wear, drink to travel, and foods. And since My Protein is a fully-fledged company that runs different products and has a good hold in the society; it has gone a step further and consolidated all its products in the My Protein In application, available for both IOS and Android devices.

And just to give you a sneak peek of what goes on, in the My Protein In application is that members get the first access to the offers that are running and the new products that have been launched, be it the sporting clothes, shakes, bars, or protein powders. And in case you are experiencing hiccups with the application, they have a support team on standby round the clock.


MyProtein Review

MyProtein came into life back in 2004 but changed ownership in 2011, after being taken under the umbrella of the very able Hut Group and as it established itself as a protein supplement manufacturing company, it went ahead and built its first production facility, outside of the UK in Kentucky.

The products offered by My Protein are inexhaustible, most of which are the protein shakes, and powders, but all of different flavors and ingredients, and which benefit the body differently. Some of the products are such as the clear vegan protein, the collagen protein, the Impact Whey protein, the pea protein isolate, the weight gainer blend, and the protein hot chocolate among other many health-enhancing and muscle building products.

MyProtein also runs a line of healthy foods and snacks, categorized from the pre-workout energy boost to the post-workout energy boost among other easy pick me up options. For the above, you will find varieties of the all-natural peanut butter, the protein spread, the lean cookie sachets formulated to be used by the sweet tooth individuals, and which come in interesting indulgent flavors, such as the Dark chocolate and berry, the cranberry and white chocolate.

And when it comes to the protein bars, you will be provided with a wide selection ranging from the lean protein bar, the whipped duo, the double dough brownie, and the protein cereal bar among others. And for those individuals who have a problem reaching the required levels of vitamins and minerals in their daily food intake, My Protein has a wide selection of the Multi-Vitamin tablets, such as the Alpha Men, the CLA capsules; you can also get the multivitamin gummies and essential BCAA tablets among others.

The company additionally runs a wide selection of women’s clothing, ranging from comfortable leggings to shirts, and the curve sports bra, important to note is that women’s clothes, have been categorized and you will, therefore, find the MP Ultra Power Collection, and the MP Composure collection.

We then have the Men’s category of clothing ranging from the men’s tops that come in varied colors and designs such as the MP Men’s performance ¼ zip and the MP Men’s Original white T-shirt among other interesting designs.

Taste and Flavor

Given the wide variety of protein supplements from My Protein, we will take an in-depth look at one of their best selling muscle growth protein supplement “the Impact Whey Protein.” The latter comes in a range of distinct flavors, ranging from the strawberry cream to the classics chocolate smooths and vanilla.

And for those who don’t find any of the above tastes interesting, they have the option of going natural, to which end you have been provided with a range of the Stevia flavored options. Whey protein is a high protein supplement that encourages the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. So, in both the natural and flavored impact whey protein supplements, you will be provided with up to 3.6g of glutamine, complete with all the essential amino acids, which incorporate up to 4.5g of the BCAAs.

The latter are used by the body to build and repair new muscles thus keep the body fit for the next indulging gym or home workout sessions.


Impact WHEY Protein

Impact Whey is the Number 1 Protein powder for your everyday nutrition, offers over 80% of proteins per serving


When it comes down to macros, nutritionist normally go a step further, than the typical calorie counting that most of us are used to; which, therefore, means that they will count the macronutrients, grams of proteins, and the incorporated carbs and fats that you are taking from the impact WHEY protein supplement to achieve your calorie goal.

For the unflavored option of the Impact WHEY Protein, you will, therefore, get up to 4.0g per every 100g and up to 1.0g per serving. The supplement hasn’t incorporated any fibers, but you will get up to 82g of proteins per 100g and 21g per serving, which is equivalent to 25g. The fat’s present are 7.5g per 100g and up to 1.9g, per serving.

The amount of carbohydrates offered per serving is considerably low at 1.0g but high at 100g, which means that with increased intake, you will be able to get an effective dose of carbohydrate supplement to suffice your body’s energy needs, in place of the whole foods. What’s more is that instantinized carbohydrates, available in powder protein supplements go a step further in improving mood and vigor.


Depending on the benefits that you will get, each of the My protein supplements are differently priced and you will, therefore, find some protein supplements retailing for as low as £1.99 such as the strawberry flavored clear vegan protein, and others as high as £30.40 such as “The WHEY+, chocolate brownie flavor, designed to help repair and build new muscles.

The reason why The WHEY+ protein supplement is highly-priced is because it has incorporated cutting-edge ingredients, such as Glo Plex and protein that highly enhances muscle growth thus ensures that you stay in shape. The range of protein bars and foods are fairly priced, with the cheapest protein bar going for £12.99, while the highest-priced retails at £24.99.

Among the My Protein wide collection of protein supplements you also get the protein granola which can be used as a breakfast accompaniment or a post-workout snack. The supplement contains more than triple the protein that is found in the common granola sold in the convenience stores. And the best thing about this muscle building supplement is that it retails at a fair price of £12.64.


Myprotein is yet to find its rival with regards to the breadth of products and protein supplements that it offers. Additionally, the company has managed to consolidate all its products in one platform to allow their customers easy access. Everyone has been covered as regards the protein shakes, powders, and bars, so whether you love the flavored or the unflavored, Myprotein is your one-stop-shop

At Myprotein, enthusiasts will also be able to get comfortable gear to use during their workout sessions for both the men and women, and here we are not just talking about the tights and tops but rather the proper fitting sports bra, vest, hoods, and joggers. The prices of the My Protein products are fair, and on our site you can find Myprotein discount code to save more money. With the highly-priced incorporating advanced ingredients and are high in proteins.

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