Is it Possible to Build Muscle Without Supplements?

When you’re new to muscle building it can be an extremely difficult task to figure out what to spend your money on and what not to. It seems like every article you read is recommending that you take numerous different supplements if you want to build muscle.

It also makes it even harder to make a more informed decision on if you really need supplements, when the person writing the article is also jacked, says that he would not have gotten his results without the supplements that he takes, says it is very hard to build muscle without supplements, then goes on to list ten different supplements that he uses that are extremely expensive.

But the question is, are the people who are promoting muscle building supplements and say it is very difficult to build muscle without them being truthful? Do you need to buy numerous different supplements that can potentially cost you hundreds of your hard-earned money per month?

Is it possible to build muscle without supplements such as whey protein, creatine and the various other supplements that are available? This is the very question we are going to answer in this article.

What Are Supplements and What is Their Purpose?

Most people think supplements are the magic pill that will do all the work for them, they think it wll give them a ripped, jacked muscular body. Supplements alone will not help you build muscle.

There is nothing special about supplements and they will not be the difference between you building muscle or not. Although the clever marketing behind supplements will make you believe otherwise.

Supplements are as the name suggests, they are there to supplement an already good diet that supports muscle growth. Due to the fact that a lot of us live very busy lives, there can be times when it is very difficult to get the right nutrition that supports muscle growth and this is where supplements fit in.

They are there to help you in times when it is not possible to get a protein source that contains all the essential amino acids as well as being rich in the amino acid leucine and this is where a protein shakes can help you.

Sometimes you may not feel that hungry, but have not consumed enough calories and protein for the day to help support your muscle growth and when one of those rare days happens, you can use a supplement to help fill that void.

Supplements are there to make-up a small part of your diet, you shouldn’t be relying on protein powders, vitamin pills, carbohydrate powders and various other supplements to build muscle for you as they will not do that alone. If you supplement an already good diet with things like protein powder, then you will see the benefits of supplements.

Is it Possible to Build Muscle Without Supplements?

Yes, it absolutely is! If you’re trying to build muscle naturally there is nothing more anabolic than eating nutritious food and getting plenty of sleep. If you combine those two with a good workout plan and are consistent, you will be able to build muscle with no problems and without the use of supplements. In fact, you will have better muscle growth with just food and sleep, then the person who manly consumes expensive supplements, but doesn’t eat right, sleep well or train hard.

There are plenty of people out there that have managed to build muscle successfully without the use of supplements and if you decide to go this route you too can build muscle without the use of supplements. You just need to make sure that you’re consuming plenty of quality nutrient dense protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats as well as adequate calories to fuel muscle growth.

Remember, supplements are not necessary, there is nothing magical about supplements where you build muscle faster by using them, verses someone who is, but has their diet on point, they are there to simply supplement your diet if you struggle to get enough nutrients from real food. Getting your nutrients from real food will always provide the best muscle building results.

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