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Bulk Powders Review

Bulk powders are quality-oriented diet supplements meant for health-conscious individuals. The above statements applies to many other powder supplements in the market but what makes the Bulk powders stand out is the fact that their products can only be found from specific suppliers, a move which ensures that the consumers are provided with low priced but highly effective diet supplements, in this bulk powders review, we will look at them in more detail..

Bulk powders are not your ordinary diet supplements that come pre-mixed, where you are only provided with percentages of the yield, filler, and protein content on the label of the container. Bulk powders give the sportsmen and women, the gym-goers, and other health-conscious individuals a chance to create their formulation as regards their body goals.

So, what the company does is that it makes a single-ingredient supplement and makes it available to the consumers in which case you are sure of what you are consuming, so you don’t have to keep guessing if the manufacturer really included a specific product in the supplement that you want to purchase.

The above has made the company quite famous thanks to their transparency and the integrity of their products. If you have, therefore, been looking for a brand of supplements that you can trust, then Bulk powders it is and there are mant bulk powders reviews from customers that speak highly of them.

Bulk Powders Review

Bulk Powders has over 13 years solid years in the dietary supplements industry, the company was borne by two gym-goers who got tired of taking dietary supplements with presumed ingredients. Many supplements in the market contain hidden dosages of ingredients that don’t contribute much to the body goals journey.

Consumers are, therefore, never sure of what they are consuming and are thus at the mercy of the producing companies, and this includes the knock-offs that are quite prevalent in various niche markets. When Bulk products entered the market, their scope was narrow thus only provided supplements on sports nutrition, which varied from products that helped with fitness performance to the protein shakes, and the fat loss supplements.

Over time the company has grown and have branched out to offer solutions, which help counter other health problems; coming from bulk, you will be provided with the multivitamins, athlete endorsed formulations, health foods, nut butters, green powders, digestive aids, and the fish oils among others. The company has spread its wings and adopted the new e-commerce technology to help market their products far and wide around the globe, and on the ground, it has a stronghold in over 13 countries.

So apart from clinching the top position at the pedestal as the fastest growing sports nutrition brand, Bulk retails both the unflavored and flavored brand of proteins. The process of growth, of the Bulk company, is the perfect definition of transforming a dream into reality, given its immense success in creating jobs and the huge accomplishments in enhancing health while promoting fitness.

Taste and Flavor

Bulk powders come in varying flavors, for example, we have the coconut, pineapple, and chocolate cookie flavors, all of which are forms of the bulk powder whey. Of the three, the chocolate cookie flavor has gained relevance, as many users have given it positive reviews. What’s more, is that the formulation of the supplement has combined the taste of chocolate and caramel which comes complete with a nice aroma.

Overall we can, therefore, say that the flavor is delicious, highly soluble, and makes very good shakes while incorporating a lot of the protein oats.

If you, therefore, find taking the bulk powder in pure form a challenge, you can mix it with other healthy fruits, such as the frozen strawberries or bananas. And as mentioned earlier Bulk does run both the flavored and the unflavored bulk powders and which are significantly different.

If you, therefore, decide to settle with the unflavored pure whey protein, you will benefit of up to 80% of proteins per serving, however, when it comes to the flavored, the percentages does go down a bit, and you will get 3-5% less of proteins, of whichever flavor that you decide to purchase. So despite the reduced protein percentages many people would prefer something that they are comfortable drinking and has good taste.

Remember, also, that this is a supplement that you might have to consume more than once a day, and a bland taste is not exactly encouraging. The high protein percentage of the unflavored whey, we must say is quite attractive and if you, therefore, prefer this option, you could always enhance its taste by using the LiquiFlav, the above is a zero-calorie, liquid flavoring system provided by bulk and comes in a range of delicious flavors.

Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein

Premium quality whey protein powder that offers outstanding value 22g protein per serving, and thousends of postive reviews.


For those who are yet to try out the Whey protein diet supplement then you are missing out because the bulk powders delivers in macros, so for every 22g serving you will benefit from 3g carbs, 22.5g in proteins, 2.5g fats, 3g sugar, and 1.5g saturates. The carbs in this supplement are considerably low but that is a good thing because it makes the supplement highly effective as it will fit in various diets including keto.

Protein is high at 22.5g, you must, however, note that with the flavored option the protein levels in the bulk powders is lower when compared to the unflavored. What’s more is that the pure whey protein has incorporated all the essential amino acids, which is inclusive of the BCAA, if you are, therefore, looking to add protein to your diet, or to build muscle then the bulk powders will suffice.

And apart from mixing it with frozen strawberries, pure whey protein can also be incorporated in pastries, in a bid to enhance the protein content of the various recipes. Overall the Bulk powders pure whey protein can be used by anyone looking to build muscle mass, and those looking to improve their dietary protein intake.


There are so many misconceptions when it comes to pricing, all of which are brought about by the smart minds who use price to market products. Offering discounts helps in increasing sales, however, retailers only offer discounts when they want to clear their existing stock and, reduce losses, consequently making room for the new incoming stock, and because of the above, some consumers avoid discounted products.

Cheaply priced products are always thought of being substandard, with minimal benefits especially when it comes to supplements. The above could be true if you check on the incorporated ingredients, of a particular product, but not for the Bulk powders. The latter is focused on offering value but at an affordable price, if you, therefore, buy the Bulk supplements from the company’s website, you will find that they retail rather cheaply but offer great value.

For example, the pure Whey protein goes for £12.99, the pure Whey isolate 90 retails at £15.99, the beneficial creatine monohydrate goes for £2.49, and the instant BCAA goes for £9.99; the products from bulk are quite many, but all of which are pocket friendly and have been formulated to work on various body goals.

Some of its highly-priced products are such as the vegan all in one that goes for £49.99, it is a post-workout shake, that packs up to 29g of protein, and has excluded the use of soya and gluten in its formulation, if you are, therefore, looking for a vegan post-workout shake then the vegan all in one bulk powder will suffice.

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Bulk powders runs the best diet protein supplement formulated to cater to the different categories of people from the sportsmen and women, to the gym-goers and other health-conscious individuals. The company stands out in this industry because it offers the lowest price in Europe, and offers massive discounts to individuals who purchase the products in bulk.

Bulk product pages are transparent in that they allow their customers to download the certificate of analysis of each of their protein supplements, and they allow their customers to leave reviews on their pages, and most importantly is that they offer quite a wide range of products, which then ensures that everyone is catered for. As you can see from this Bulk Powders review, they are a trusted company that sell good products.