The Best Women Shoes for Weight Training – An in-depth Buying Guide

Weight training is a physically strenuous exercise that is largely dependent on the comfort of your feet. You require good balance combined with the right weight to achieve this comfort, and these are facilitated by the best shoes.

In the world of sports, there is probably a shoe specially designed for each game and each activity, and it can be overly confusing. Weight training involves highly intense gym activities that call for excellent support in your feet, especially because you need a lot of grounding during your workouts. A good weight training shoe comes with a stable sole and well cushioned mid-sole that accommodates your entire foot, right from your ankle. This is why it is imperative to get shoes that are specially tailored to cater to weight training activity.

Below are some of the reasons for wearing ideal shoes for weight training workout.

Having good shoes for weight training – Why is it important?

  • Improving your foot form

Weight training involves a lot of lifting, and your foot and back put in a good deal of work to support your entire frame as you do the lifts. A bad shoe that does not support your foot causes you to strain a lot, and at the end of the day, you may notice pain in specific regions of your feet. Wearing the wrong shoe could even alter the shape and form of your foot, and definitely not for the better. A shoe that fits all parts of the foot, right from the heel, to the arch and toes, allows it to assume its most natural form, resulting in good balance. Go for a flat soled shoe that is not bouncy to ensure you have as much grounding as you need.

  • Reduces fatigue in various areas

Many people have no idea how much shoes impact various parts of the body. In some cases, bad knee, back and hip pain have been traced to ill-fitting and inappropriate shoes, especially when the persons affected engage in physically strenuous activity. Remember that all your body weight is supported by the feet, and when they are uncomfortable, you will unconsciously try to reduce the strain on them by altering the way you make your steps. With the right shoes, however, your feet will be able to carry your entire body and the extra weight from the weights with a lot of ease. This reduces pain and fatigue on other body parts such as the knees, calves, back and hips.

  • Weightlessness

Weight training, as the name suggests, demands a god deal of weight lifting. It would only make sense to go for workout gear (more so shoes) that does not demand extra input from you as far as weight is concerned. For this reason, make certain that the shoes you buy are light, and that they do not add an extra load to your feet since you may have lots of instability to deal with.

  • Confidence

A good and successful workout begins in the mind, and confidence plays a key role in the way that we move and respond to challenges and physical strain. Knowing that your workout shoes have got your back (and feet) will allow you to move with good flow, enabling you to reach peak performance with ease.

So, what are some of the best women’s shoes for weight training?

The Best Women’s Shoes for Weight Training Comparison Table

Product Name
Special feature
Buy on Amazon
Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1W Cross Trainer Shoes
Lightweight synthetic leather upper
Reebok R Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Training Shoe
Breathable outer body
Inov8 F-Lite Alpha G 300 Women’s Training Shoes – SS220
Knitted upper body
Reebok Legacy Lifter Women’s Training Shoes – AW19
Great shock absorption
Nike Free Women’s Free Trainer 8 Fitness Shoes
Gum rubber
Very light

The Best Women’s Shoes for Weight Training Products Review

Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1W Cross Trainer ShoesHas a lightweight synthetic leather upper body

These shoes promise an incredible amount of grounding, giving you maximum balance necessary for weight lifting exercises.

Key features

  • Lightweight synthetic leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • 1 inch heel drop
  • Lace closure + Strap for tight closure

When it comes to optimal foot and back support for weightlifting, nothing quite does it like the Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1W Cross Trainer Shoes. They are specifically tailored to cater to weight lifting, delivering good balance and foot support for easy exercise.

The shoe’s sole is made of rubber, a characteristic that delivers exceptional traction, keeping you from slipping whenever you are working out, even on smooth floors. However, it also offers a significant amount of flexibility, allowing you to make sudden turns and manoeuvres as you wish.

The outer body is made using synthetic leather which also boasts a light profile, adding to the overall lightness of the shoes. You will also notice that it comes with a good deal of breathability, keeping your feet from overheating and sweating excessively during workout. Additionally, the shoes combine lace up closure and a Velcro strap to make sure that your foot stays in place due to the tight fit.


  • The shoes are light weight
  • Strong but flexible rubber sole
  • 2-in-1 closure mechanism for good fit
  • Highly breathable


  • These shoes are not ideal for persons with wide feet


With the Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1W Cross Trainer Shoes, you are going to enjoy incredible grounding and efficient balance as you lift the heavy weights. The fact that they are also light and breathable makes them ideal to spend long hours in without tiring fast.

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Reebok R Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Training ShoeHas a highly breathable upper body

This shoe is one of the most preferred weight training shoes for women for their ability to deliver stability and comfort in equal measure.

Key features

  • Rubber sole
  • 16mm heel drop
  • Breathable upper body
  • Lace up + strap closure

You are going to agree that the Reebok R Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Training Shoe is one of the priciest around, but you will also agree that it is an incredibly well made shoe, especially for weight training enthusiasts.

It comes with a strong sole made using rubber which is able to support an incredible amount of weight. When lifting heavy weights, these shoes allow your feet to maintain their natural form and allow you to master maximum balance. Additionally, the upper body is made using synthetic material that boasts a light profile. Also, it allows for high breathability which keeps your feet cool as you work out, keeping them from sweating excessively.

To keep your feet secure in the gym, it employs a 2-in-1 closure mechanism which includes laces and two Velcro straps that keep your feet in place even during the most sudden and intense manoeuvres.


  • Have a strong rubber sole
  • Light and breathable outer body
  • 2-in-1 lace up and strap closure mechanism
  • High traction to keep you from slipping


  • These shoes are quite expensive


The Reebok R Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Training Shoe is an incredibly well constructed shoe that is ideal for the most strenuous weight training activity. With its strong soles and closure mechanisms, your feet will enjoy incredible support all through.

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Inov8 F-Lite Alpha G 300 Women’s Training Shoes – SS220Ideal for weight training

This shoe is an incredibly light and breathable shoe that provides top notch support to your feet as you go about weight training.

Key features

  • Knitted upper body
  • Sock-like liner
  • Ideal for weight training
  • Man-made sole
  • Great arch support

For persons that have been in weight training a good deal of time, this weight training shoe is not new to them. It combines multiple innovative features that ensure you experience great support as you do powerful lifts.

Its most outstanding feature is likely its knitted upper body. This is because it makes the shoes incredibly light and also promotes a good degree of breathability. With such a feature, your feet will remain cool and keep from sweating a lot.

These shoes’ great foot support is attributed to their strong soles. They are crafted to withstand incredible amounts of stress, offering great support to your feet when doing heavy weight training. You will notice that your entire foot enjoys incredible balance, right from the ankles to the heels, and foot arch to the toes. Also, it has a sock-like liner that allows your foot to feel well supported at all times.


  • Knitted upper body for lightness and breathability
  • Sock-like liner for snug fit
  • Great sole support
  • Great overall foot support


  • Only ideal for weight training
  • Quite expensive


Great foot support should be one of the most important considerations whenever you are buying workout shoes, weight training or otherwise. While these shoes are quite expensive, they provide you with the needed support and great breathability for optimal comfort.

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Reebok Legacy Lifter Women’s Training Shoes – AW19Comes with a high level of shock absorption

These shoes will ensure that your feet are spared from the fatigue that comes with spending lengthy hours in workout shoes due to their superior shock absorption.

Key features

  • Flexile and light upper body
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace and strap closure technology
  • Open mesh panels

Every part of these shoes is made with deliberate calculation, right from the upper body to the mid sole and the outer sole. The outer body is made using strong but flexible material which also boasts a thin profile. This allows it to be quite light, keeping you from carrying extra weight.

The outer sole is made using rubber, making it quite strong but also according it a god deal of flexibility. This ensures that you can make tight turns and sudden manoeuvres without compromising on your stability. Additionally, it comes with great traction which keeps your feet from slipping even during the most intense lifts.

For breathability, the upper body comes with multiple openings that allow air to move in and out freely, keeping your feet from overheating and sweating even after long hours in the shoes. You will also be able to enjoy a perfectly fitting shoe, owing to the closure mechanism that includes a lace up and strap down feature. These features will keep your feet from slipping within the shoes as you move about.


  • Has a flexible upper body which is light
  • Strong but flexible rubber sole
  • Highly breathable
  • Tight and sturdy closure mechanism


  • These shoes are quite expensive


The Reebok Legacy Lifter Women’s Training Shoes – AW19 are ideal shoes for long hour workouts that involve lots of weight training, jumping and moving suddenly. Wearers of these shoes have reported significantly less fatigue in areas of stress in their feet.

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Nike Women’s Free Trainer 8 Fitness ShoesThese shoes are known to be extremely light but sturdy

If weightlessness is one of those things you look for when you are working out in the gym, this shoe will make an ideal companion for you.

Key features

  • Gum rubber soles
  • Synthetic upper body
  • Man-made mid sole
  • Lace up closure mechanism

This shoe is so good, it got the thumbs up from Lauren Kanski. What stands out most about them is their ability to mimic barefoot training since they allow your feet a good deal of room to wiggle while still offering a snug fit for great support.

Their outer sole is made using gum rubber which is strong but also highly flexible, facilitating stable manoeuvres and movements. Additionally, it boasts a good deal of traction, allowing you to work out on slippery surfaces without batting an eyelid.

The upper body is also made to be light and flexible, and it also supports a high level of breathability. This lets your feet breathe as you work out, preventing them from experiencing excessive heat and sweat. For a snug fit, it comes with a good lace up mechanism.


  • Extremely light
  • Sturdy but flexible sole
  • High breathability
  • Snug fit


  • A tad pricey


Whether you are on the treadmill or lifting weights, these shoes are exceptionally reliable, especially when heavy shoes are not your cup of tea. They provide a mix of balance and flexibility, all the while maintaining minimal weight.

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Final thoughts

Weight training and cardio are two incredibly demanding workouts that depend on good workout shoes. There is an incredibly wide range of shoes to select from, and his is why it is important to do in-depth research before purchasing one. Make certain that your chosen shoe will allow you maximum benefits for eventual gratification. Happy hunting!

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