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The Best Protein Bars for Muscle Gain – A detailed Buying Guide

Protein bars go a long way in helping you actualize the kind of muscular mass you would like to achieve, especially when you are doing hard workouts and strength training. So, which ones are the best?

When you are a body builder, or just a person who works out on a regular with the sole aim of increasing your muscle mass, it is important that you consume a high protein diet. As a rule of thumb, every balanced meal ought to have about 25% protein. Anything less will deprive you of a proper balance, and anything more will go to waste – the body only takes as much as it needs. In excess, protein could cause you many complications, especially when not followed by the right physical activity.

So, why is protein so important, and how does it help you in your muscle gain journey?

Protein for Muscle Gain – Why is it so important?

Before delving into this topic, it is important for you to recognize that muscle gain is not just a protein sensitive activity. It is as a result of a collectively wholesome diet that has a good amount of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, minerals, water and, of course, protein. Since our main focus lies on the protein, let’s see how it impacts your body for the better.

  • Improves muscle mass

Protein is essential in muscle building since it is used as a building block in the body. Muscle mass is largely comprised of protein, and every new cell that is made, or every injured cell that is repaired requires protein. This is why a lot of protein is important if you want to increase your muscle mass. Keep in mind, though, that eating protein alone will not have your arms looking like Popeye’s. You have to back it up with loads of physical activity and strength training to eventually build you muscles.

  • Increases metabolism and fat burning

Need lots of energy for your workout? A protein bar may do you a lot more good than your energy drink. Once consumed, protein prompts your body to increase its metabolic rate which leads to the production of a lot more energy. Additionally, a higher metabolic rate means more fat burning, resulting in two desirable features for any body builder. You will lose body fat and increase your lean muscle mass when you consume a protein bar before or even after your workout.

  • Helps to repair torn and worn out muscles

As earlier mentioned, protein acts as a building-block in the body. Whenever you participate in highly strenuous physical activity, the likelihood that you may sustain an injury or feel muscular fatigue is quite high. A good protein diet is essential for facilitating speedy repair of such muscle tissue that is torn or worn out.

  • Reduces hunger pangs and excess appetite

Let’s face it, overfeeding, especially on all the wrong things, is an enemy of progress. A good number of times, we feel the need to snack on something sugary, something salty and sometimes spicy. These tiny biting along with hefty servings of food is bad for your health, especially where there is no defined control. Proteins have a tendency to make you feel fuller for longer, reducing your urge to constantly snack.

Additionally, they reduce the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, as well as increase levels of peptide YY, the hormone that causes you to feel full. This phenomenon allows you to consume less food while still allowing you to access nutrients that are important for keeping your muscle gain on track.

  • It is great for bone health

You read right. You have probably heard the misguided notion that protein does a number on your bone calcium concentration as a result of increased acidity. While there could be some level of truth in this, recent studies have shown that people who eat more protein develop better bone health and structure over time. It has been determined that such conditions as osteoporosis can be avoided in older age if you maintain a steady protein rich diet.

Having seen the benefits of protein to a body builder or fitness enthusiast, let’s take a look at some of the best and most ideal protein bars for muscle gain.

The Best Protein Bars for Muscle Gain Comparison Table

Product Name
Protein Content
Total Quantity
Buy on Amazon
Rise Bar Non-GMO Protein Bar
33.3% protein
60 grams per bar
Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar
33.3% protein
60 grams per bar
Optimum Nutrition Protein Bar with Whey Protein Isolate
33.3% protein
60 grams per bar
Barebells Protein Bar for Muscle Performance and Recovery
35% protein
55 grams per bar
Premier Protein – Protein Bar
50% protein
40 grams per bar
Atkins High Protein Keto Snack Protein Bar
30% protein
60 grams per bar
Optimum Nutrition Protein Bar with Whey Protein Isolate
30% protein
62 grams per bar

The Best Protein Bars for Muscle Gain Products Review

Rise Bar Non-GMO Protein BarComes with a good amount of dietary fibre

This protein bar is made with only 3 ingredients, but it packs an incredible protein punch for your body.

Key features

  • Has a 33.3% protein content
  • Made with only 3 ingredients
  • Has a high amount of dietary fibre and minerals
  • Contains natural sweetener

With the Rise Bar Non-GMO Protein Bar, you are assured that you are going to receive a good amount of protein with every bar you consume. A stated, it only contains 3 main ingredients that are all natural and free of GMO. The three ingredients used are protein powder, nut butter and natural sweetener.

These simple ingredients are quite potent, and each 60 grams bar of the Rise Bar Non-GMO Protein Bar delivers up to 33.3% of pure protein. Additionally, you will benefit from a high concentration of dietary fibre and minerals which include sodium, iron, calcium and potassium. There is also a decent amount of carbohydrates which are ideal for keeping your body energized during intense workout.

A box of these delicious and nutritious protein bars comes with a total of 16 pieces which will last you more than two weeks if you take a bar daily.


  • Has a high protein content
  • High amount of dietary fibre
  • Made with all natural, non-GMO products
  • Only has natural sweetener


  • It is a very expensive product


The Rise Bar Non-GMO Protein Bar keeps it quite simple, using only few ingredients to accomplish a highly nutritious protein diet that is devoid of artificial additives and preservatives. It is also without allergens such as dairy, fish and soy products, making it ideal for just about anyone.

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Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein BarSugar free but delicious

This protein bar makes an excellent snack for any time of day or night, and get this, it is cheat free.

Key features

  • 33% protein content
  • Low carbs
  • Does not have sugar
  • High dietary fibre content

The Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar contains some of the most potent and highly digestible types of protein. There is milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, both of which are incredibly useful to the human body. Additionally, there is a decent amount of Soluble Corn Fibre which provides your body with Prebiotic Fibre.

When it comes to sugar and carbs, this product comes with very little of each, and it is actually considered to have negligible amounts of sugar. Of the total 60 grams per bar of this protein supplement, only 1 gram comprises sugar. This is what makes it a cheat free snack as you can have it at any time of day or night without worrying about your carb intake.

Each box of this product comes with a total of 12 protein bars which will last you a good deal of time. The fact that the bars also contain a lot of dietary fibre will make you feel fuller for longer, allowing you to reduce on the amount of food you eat.


  • Contains a high amount of protein
  • Has a decent amount of dietary fibre
  • Has very low amounts of sugar
  • Made using highly digestible protein


  • It contains allergens such as milk and almonds


With its awesome flavour, high protein and dietary fibre content, this protein bar will have you enjoying every goodness packed bite. The only let down is that it contains allergens and is also not vegan friendly, restricting the number of people who can consume it without complications.

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Bar with Whey Protein IsolateCoated with a delicious layer of Belgian chocolate.

You can have this snack as a pre and post workout snack, or at any time of day.

Key features

  • Contains 33.3% protein
  • Contains whey protein isolate and casein isolate
  • Has no added sugar
  • Can be taken at any time of day or night

Out of the 60 grams on this entire protein bar, 20 grams is actually pure protein, a characteristic that allows you to have an enormous quantity of protein with each bar. Part of this protein bar’s main ingredients includes whey protein isolate and casein isolate which are both incredibly potent proteins.

Additionally, the Optimum Nutrition Protein with Whey Protein Isolate is made without any added sugar which helps to keep your body free of unwanted compounds. This characteristic makes it ideal to snack on at any time of day or even night, and you do not have to worry about eating unhealthy unnecessarily.

For great taste on all protein bars, the manufacturers of this product ensure that each bar is coated with a layer of Belgian chocolate. On top of this, this protein bar comes in a range of interesting flavours that allow give you loads of enjoyment as you consume them. Keep in mind, however, that this product is free of artificial additives, and it has no GMO contents.

On the down side, there are many components in this protein bar that are potential allergens. Additionally, there are many animal products and by-products, making it unsuitable for vegans.


  • Has a high concentration of protein
  • Does not have added sugars
  • Comes with great flavours
  • Coated with Belgian chocolate


  • Contains many allergens
  • Not vegan friendly


Imagine a protein bar you could snack on at any time of day and from any location without worrying about having excess. This is what the Optimum Nutrition Protein with Whey Protein Isolate offers to its consumers. However, it is unsuitable for vegans.

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Barebells Protein Bar for Muscle Performance and RecoveryExcellent for muscle recovery

This product is made using all natural products, and it also has no traces of GMO. It is a protein bar that can be taken pre or post workout, or even on the go.

Key features

  • Has 35% protein content
  • Low in sugar concentration
  • Has high fibre content
  • Contains sweeteners

This small bar of protein packs quite the nutritional punch. It comes with a concentration of a cool 35% protein, ensuring that your body gains as much from a single bar as possible. Additionally, it has a good amount of dietary fibre. The protein and fibre combination is ideal for making sure that you stay full as long as possible, helping you to maintain ideal weight.

As part of its clever production, this protein bar comes with a considerably low amount of sugar, clocking in at only 2 grams out of the whole 55 grams. This ensures that you will not have to significantly add to your daily sugar intake. Since it is a healthy snack that is packed with great nutritional content, you can take it at your own convenience. It works great as a pre and post workout product, and can also be consumed on the go, in the office and even as a midnight snack.

However, caution needs to be exercised when consuming it since it has quite a number of allergens. There is a significant amount of nuts, eggs and gluten as well as soy. On the flip side, the protein bars come in a wide range of flavours that are fun and interesting.


  • Has a high protein concentration
  • Has a high dietary fibre content
  • Low on sugar and carbs
  • Comes in great flavours


  • Has many allergens


High levels of protein and dietary fibre are a clever mix when it comes to the formulation of a protein bar. Aside from having both, the Barebells protein Bar for Muscle Performance and Recovery comes in several great flavours for you to enjoy.

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Premier Protein – Protein BarHas the highest protein content in the list

This protein bar is easily the most potent in our list of highlighted products, and it makes for an excellent snack for anyone who wants to speed up their muscle gain.

Key features

  • Contains 50% protein
  • Low is carbs
  • Low in sugars
  • Can be consumed at any time

The Premier Protein –Protein Bar is made to be an ideal source of protein for people who are in need of it in large amounts. Each bar of this product weighs 40 grams, and up to 20 grams comprises pure protein. You do not need to worry about digestibility, though, since the type of protein used is both highly digestible and highly potent.

Additionally, there is very little sugar in one bar of the Premier Protein – Protein Bar. The amount of carbs has also been kept at a minimal, allowing you to snack at any time of day or night without worrying about overindulging. It is an excellent pre and post workout snack, and you can also have it at work or even as you travel.

Even though it comes with very low amounts of sugar, this protein bar is quite tasty. It is coated in a layer of chocolate, and it also has an incredible caramel flavour. They are also delightfully easy to consume and do not have that chewy consistency that comes with many protein bars. Before consuming, make certain that you are not at risk of developing allergies from some of the allergens present such as milk, soy, nuts and gluten.


  • Has an incredibly high amount of protein
  • It has very few carbs
  • Has low amount of sugar
  • Ideal for consuming at any time


  • Has a significant number of allergens


With a 50% protein content, this protein bar will supply you with a good deal of protein whenever you need it. Whether you are snacking, taking it pre or post workout or in the office, your body wil benefit a good deal from it.

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Atkins High Protein Keto Snack Protein BarThis protein bar is keto friendly

These protein bars are delicious and incredibly filling, and they make for an awesome snack o eat in between meals.

Key features

  • Contains 30% protein
  • Contains only 2.4 grams carbs
  • Has low amount of sugar
  • Contains dietary fibre

We have already established that combining a high protein content and significant fibre content is an incredibly clever move. You will be glad to know that this product offers both compounds in large quantities. This way, one bar provides you with a good amount of nutritional goodness and also allows you to feel fuller for longer.

The Atkins High Protein Keto Snack Protein Bar is a chewy snack that is filled with a good amount of crispy goodness. The top of the bar is covered with milk chocolate, and the inside is layered with a delicious layer of gooey caramel. When it comes to the sugar content, there is very little of it, measuring a measly 1.5 grams in every 40 grams protein bar.

Even though the amount of sugar is little, this protein bar is quite tasty. It goes quite well with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or any other drink of choice. One of its main components is milk, an allergen, and other compounds such as soy and nuts which could be harmful to your health.


  • Has a decent amount of protein
  • Has low sugar content
  • Has a low amount of carbs
  • It is tasty


  • It contains allergens


This protein bar is a delicious way to help your body gain strong and thick muscle. However, be certain to check for possible allergens in case you have an allergy to certain proteins.

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Bar with Whey Protein IsolateThis is an Amazon product

This protein bar has no sugars added to it, and has low carb concentration.

Key features

  • Contains 30% protein
  • Has whey protein isolate
  • Has no added sugars
  • Low on carbs

The Optimum Nutrition Protein Bar with Whey Protein Isolate is a product that is made to provide a highly concentrated protein rich diet. Weighing in at 62 grams, each bar of the protein comes with a decent amount of protein for your physical needs.

Since it lacks sugar and is quite nutritious, it becomes an ideal snack to have at just about any time. You can have it as you travel, as you work in the office, before or after workout and even at night when a craving strikes. This product contains whey protein isolate which is both a highly potent and highly digestible protein. This characteristic makes it easy for your digestive system to digest it, and also helps to have a good amount of protein absorption in the body.


  • Has a good amount of protein
  • It is low on sugar
  • Low in carbs
  • Easy to consume


  • May contain allergens


With or without workout, this protein bar will invigorate your whole body and ensure that you have a good supply of protein necessary for energy and strength during workout. It also tastes really good.

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Final thoughts

Protein supplements are incredibly helpful to the body of a muscle builder. They provide a great source of energy, giving you the ability to keep going until you achieve the kind of result you were hoping for. Be certain to pick one that is best for, especially one that has no allergens and that has an incredible amount of protein to help you in your muscle building journey.